Rufus has been scratching at his neck quite a bit lately, and when I took his collar off to give him a bath I noticed he has an area on the underside of his neck that is very red.  It looked like there might be some dried blood in his fur.  At first I was mystified, but then I remembered that my daughter had a nickel allergy as a baby and I first noticed it when she developed red itchy spots precisely where the snaps on her sleepers were.  I looked and, sure enough, the irritated spot is just under the place his metal tags lie.  So, collar is currently off for all but walks, and I'll see if it helps.  I just wondered if anyone else has had something similar develop in their corgi.

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Check out my July7th discussion"Break away collars with metal clasps"...same problem with pics of her neck. Yes, there can be problems!
Aha. I didn't see your discussion because I searched using the terms "metal allergy". Yes, his is smaller, but looks very similar otherwise. Thanks for responding! I remember seeing collars that can be ordered with name and address woven in and (hopefully) plastic breakaway clasp. I'm going to see if I can find one. Even though Rufus has a microchip, I'm paranoid about him not having some identification on him.
I left Bella's collar off for a month and she had antibiotics. I too am afraid not to have a collar, we live in the country and I am afraid someone would just keep a dog they found! She is now fine with the regular collar it was the large metal clasp that made it bad for her!
Here's the link
I just ordered 2 collars for my corgis. The website is I've used them for years with Bucher, they work great!


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