Possible Corgi up for adoption: I got a call from the local Humane Society that I volunteer for and they may have a young (around 1 year) old Corgi being surrendered. The Dad had the dog and got sick, one of the children has him but they feel like he has to be kenneled too much due to their busy lifestyle. If anyone might be interested or knows of someone who might be please contact me. I do all the initial contact work and find out more and then the Humane Society would have them fill out and app. They know Corgis are special and don't want these dogs just going to anyone....of coarse I am more than happy to "help" them find a good home for a Corgi:)

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WHERE are you?  I am in Sioux Falls, SD.  I have one neutered male and two of his grand daughters. They are all red and white.  The mother is well bred tri color from around the Pipestone MN area

I am about 2 hours from Sioux Falls maybe a bit longer. I am still waiting to hear from another person that has a pup of mine too but would like to get names of interested people. Would the dog be for you or someone else?

Your dogs are gorgeous!


Your dogs are beautiful!

Will keep my ears open and put feelers out...

Thanks Jennifer, I will check with Cheryl today and see if she's heard anymore.


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