Ferris used to have a spot where he peed and pooed all the time near the stairs. I've blocked that area off, and he cannot go there anymore. Yesterday he found a new place to do his business inside, and since then he's been going there frequently. It's right next to his eating station and inside his play area. I've been taking him outside to his designated spot after he goes, but it seems that he just won't listen to me. I praise him every time he goes outside, but he won't catch on. I don't know what to do anymore, please help.

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How old is Ferris? If under 6 months, I would still consider him a baby and any accidents in the house are really your fault for either not taking him out enough or watching closely enough. Keep him in a small area when you can not pay close attention to him (put newspapers down to protect the floor) and be sure to take him out after eating, playing, napping and drinking. I know it is a lot but this puppy stage only lasts a little while. If you are very attentive he will start to get the idea after a few days but really won't have great control of his bladder for a year. Human children take a lot longer if that helps! I always liked to teach a potty on command at this time, just say "go potty" as soon as he squats each and every time. Eventually he will recognize the words and get his business done faster. It is a great skill if you have to go out in bad weather!

Lemmy is 8 months and he still has accidents in the house, mainly when he gets locked in a room (he can close door, but not open them lol) and when he signals he has to go but I don't react quick enough.
Look for behavior changes right before accidents. Does he bark? pace? whine? sniff around? go near the door? sit and look at you? Pilot will stand at the door and bump the knob with his nose, Lemmy with let out little "yaps"  then when I notice him he'll dart for the door. It took a while before we caught onto Lemmys. Once you notice, you can take him out before accidents. Also, Lemmy always has to poo 5 mins after he eats, so that helps me a lot.
Best of luck! Patients like you've never had them before and consistency!

Oh! Also ( I just remembered this ) it seems kind of off putting.... but watch his bum hole.
Both my dogs, and I've noticed with other dogs, it expands/appears larger and sometimes darker. It has never failed me for detecting when they have to go poop soon. Normally within 5 minutes of being outside sniffing around, they'll do their business.

Do you consider to crate him? He might get too much freedom to soon. A crate will be you best friend to help your house training.

 A couple of other suggestions:  First, be sure you are cleaning the soiled areas both properly and well.  You must use an enzyme cleaner specifically for dog waste.  If you have carpet, it will be in the pad and the underlayment, as well.  You will have to pull up the carpet, replace the pad, and treat the subfloor. If you use household cleaners, it smells just like urine to your dog and they will continue to eliminate in the area.


Second, how old is Ferris?  If he has access to food and water, you will need to take him outside every couple of hours.  Take him on-leash.  Bring a few goodies.  And when he goes, reward him.  If he plays when he's outside, he will need to go again before coming in.  Have you been training him to let you know when he needs to go?  If so, how?  If you need help, write to me off-list at dogwalkpawtalk@gmail.com and I'll help you get started.

And third, as long as he is not reliable you will need to monitor him closely.  That means he doesn't get free run of the house.  He has to be with you.  The minute you see him do the circle sniff, put his leash on and get him outside.  Remove the opportunity for him to have accidents.  If you cannot be with him, he should be gated or crated so he cannot go to his favorite spots to mark.

But step one is cleaning the soiled areas thoroughly.

I am telling you the Spot Bot is the best thing for stains. Of course you need to use an enzyme based cleaner too, but chances are no matter how well you clean, it's just not enough to remove the smell from dogs sensitive noses. Once you have a pee stain it makes potty training that much harder.

Also are you taking him out every hour. I know it's kind of annoying at first but until he gets it, it's critical that you give him as many opportunities as you can.

I hope you are giving him treats too. What kind of treats are you giving him?

Billy will NOT get up in the middle of the night to potty anymore, I will get up every two hours and beg him..I used to just carry him out asleep but then he just goes to sleep on the grass.  Last night I chanced it and didn't get up every two hours...at 6 this morning there was pee in his crate :(  Is this a total set back as far as potty training? Will he now think it's ok to pee in his bed?  I feel so bad, he NEVER goes potty in his crate.


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