(unheard in conversation)

"There were some robberies in the neighborhood so we got a Corgi for protection."

"I felt unsafe walking home from school so I got a Corgi."

"We needed a dog to keep people from stealing stuff from the junk yard so we got a Corgi."

(unheard news items)

"Jogger attacked by Corgi on early morning run."

"Dog fighting ring broken up: twenty Corgis receiving medical care."

"Suspected drug dealer's Corgis attack passersby"

"Town introduces bill to ban Corgi breed."

"Corgis sniffing out IEDs for U.S. Army in Afghanistan"

Any others?

Greg N

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"Avalanche Survivors rescued by Corgis"

"Search and rescue found missing 10 years old with the help of Corgis.   It was a blessing that the little girl had cookies in her pocket".

"Hunters aquire a record breaking duck hunting season with the aid of Corgis"

"Heart attack survivors recover with the help of passive and calmness of Corgis"

"Success for humanity's space travel, the first dog to travel around the moon, was a corgi".

"And the best thing about our Corgi is that she doesn't eat us out of house and home."

"Yes, they're such picky eaters!"

We smile at these slogans, but...

We are owned by a 40 pound Cardigan Corgi. She is VERY protective of our house and her humans. She responds to voice commands to back off, but I would not want to be the person to attack my wife or I while she is around. Don't underestimate the ferocity of the corgi. The Cardi is totally fearless and not intimidated by large animals (two or four legged)., They are almost all alpha personalities and have been bred to herd some of the meanest evil tempered cattle in the world. A mere mugger is light work before a morning snack. They are literally a big dog in a small body. Don't try to convince them otherwise. Happy Thanksgiving to all the corgis and their "humans".

That's why I have a sign on my door that says... "beware, guard Welsh Corgi on duty", of course with mine they're more apt to LICK the intruder to death.

 Heh heh! Cassie is trained to get a pillowcase, help the Burglar load the silverware into it, and carry it out to his car.

"...only a dog".

@Denis J.:

corgi survives avalanche

corgi survives avalanche burial

A couple years ago at Snoqualmie Pass near Seattle -- a day I remember, very high avy danger -- an unwitting solo hiker got himself buried in an avalanche in the most notorious spot around here.  This is invariably a fatal situation, but there must have been an air pocket, and somehow he was able to reach his cell phone and call for his own rescue.  Search and Rescue, bless them, promptly got him out unhurt.  As I heard it, an avalanchde rescue dog featured prominently, locating him almost immediately.

"World of Warcraft celebrating 10th Anniversay by handing players a Molten Corgi"

"Things We Saw Today: THE CORGI-VENGERS"


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