Sidney, age 6, seems to have pulled a muscle while running across the dog park. It's his back left leg, the same one he had FHO surgery on three years ago.

On Friday he was not bearing weight on it at all, but by today (Sunday) he's walking on it (gingerly) but will still occasionally hitch up the leg, especially if he's in a hurry. If he walks slowly his gait appears normal.

I've been giving him rimadyl 2x a day and he seems to be in good spirits, but them again corgis usually are.

Basically it looks like he is healing, but I'm wondering how long I should give it before we go back on walks in the neighborhood. Also, how much longer I should continue the rimadyl. I've heard I can give baby aspirin, is that true? How much for a 33 pound corgi?

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Our 10 year old dobie has done this a few times. I try to eliminate the medication after a few days and then limit her activity even in the house until she goes at least 2 days without limping. The problem with the pain meds is that dogs then take that as a signal that they are all better and resume normal activity and then are prone to re-injury. It is a delicate balance to limit their pain but not encourage too much activity. Hope Sydney is better soon!

Symptoms sound not unlike Al's, and I think Al has CCL damage, not a simple pulled muscle.  If it's a partial CCL tear, you want a good long rest.  I would striclty inhibit running and romping and  jumping for weeks.  You will get some very bad advice from someone you love:  "I'm healed.  Perfectly.  I feel GREAT. Now throw the ball already!"

Put all the balls out-of-sight for awhile.

I have also heard you can give 81mg aspirin, but our "holistic" vet does not like it.  He doesn't like Rimadyl, either.

I agree with John...sounds like an ACL tear.  My Seanna has torn both of her rear legs.  The best thing to do is surgery to fix it, and the earlier the better.  I'd get him evaluated by a vet.

Would he be able to walk on it normally if it was an ACL tear?

Yes, esp if it is just a partial tear. For a good exam, they should sedate him. Corgis are good at hiding pain.

And it's hard to manipulate joints to check the cruciate ligaments when they are fully awake. Had to do this a couple/few times and Buddha has partial tear on both knees. I like water therapy to get them back in shape after being laid up for a few weeks. Baby aspirin as needed but not daily, maybe few times a month. I certainly can't afford the surgery, not many can! Find out exactly what's going on and until you do, walks on a leash only. No crazy play or frapping ;)

I called the vet and they said I could monitor him 4-5 more days and see where he is there.


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