...and it's killing me!  We just got home with Ginger.  She's got her cone on and is in her playpen because she wouldn't have enough room to move in her kennel with it.  The poor thing is whining her little head off, and barking.  It's breaking my heart.  I feel so bad for her.  I know she'll be fine, but I can't stand to see her like this.  I've been crying ever since we got her home.  I wish she'd just lay down and go to sleep.  I want to take the cone off, but she was trying to lick the incision on the way home, so I know she needs to wear it.  I hope tomorrow is better.  Ugh.

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Hi, my girl just got her cone off. Like you, I didn't want to see her wear it, so we didn't at first. That resulted in her pulling out her stitches and a quick run back to the vet (we live next door, luckily). So, we got staples and a cone and she had it on for a week. The good news is that after a day or so with the cone on, she got used to it, and even though it looked bad when she had pulled the stitches out, the spot has healed up really well. So, hang in there!
I bought my pup a "donut" instead of a cone. It's inflateable, and soft, and much more comfortable. It's an extra expense, but if you're miserable...

oh it is difficult to have them go through this. try and remember that our dogs are very sensitive to our energy. if you are upset and crying she can sense this and she could feel insecure and whine. if you can, emit a calm and nurturing energy. she will heal from this quickly and then all will be back to normal! The way I got through it with Sophie was I just saw it as something necessary for her well being - and I had to really snap myself out of feeling bad for her - and I saw myself as her caregiver instead and it really helped!
Update: Ginger is doing a lot better today...and so is Momma ;) She's doing a little too good actually. I gave her the pain meds this morning and apparently they work! She kept trying to run, and jump, and play all morning. She even jumped off the couch twice, which is not good. She's never been a sleeper and I swear she's ADHD. We've been trying to keep her cooped up but she barks and whines when she's in her kennel or play pen. The only thing that keeps her in one spot for any length of time is a Kong, rawhides, or Pedigree Dentisticks. I think I've decided to just give her as many of those as it takes to keep her calm and then work with her to run it off after she's healed. She's getting better with the cone and it's funny to watch her when she gets mad at it. I'm glad I'm workin all week! The time in the kennel will do her good. 
how is your pup doing? im having Carly spayed on wed., shes ten months old and i feel your anxiety~
She's probably just whining and barking from the anesthesia....they feel weird after and don't know why....it's pretty common. Good thing is they really don't know what's going on, so there won't be any "memories" of it....hard to watch though!!
She is gone be fine....and soon!!!
After two days Lily and " The cone " were one. She was comfortable , playing, running ( making me crazy!!!!) normally.
Don't cry..


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