My corgi developed cloudy, blue eye(s)...please help? (Warning: LONG)

I posted a blog about the cloudy eye scare 3 days ago.  Please read it first before proceeding.

I checked the website of my local animal eye care specialist and found some information
on eye conditions.  The corneal endothelial dystrophy sounds like what Brian has.  His left eye is cloudy and blue while the whites of his eyes are red, with discharge coming out of his eye.

I did a search on the forums here on mycorgi and found this:
Supplements—need to be careful with these. There are danger in over nutrition—some vets have seen cases of corneal dystrophy (a degenerative eye condition) caused by supplements.

I started feeding Ein and Brian a new type of food, called Vital by Freshpet, which is a few days before Brian started having eye issues (I got samples of each flavor/recipe).  His old food is Canidae All Life Stages.    Could it be the high level of moisture that's causing the possible corneal dystrophy?  Is Vital food too rich for Brian?  I'm doubting the ingredients in Vital are not an issue as most of the ingredients are contained to Canidae. 

The thing that's starting to worry me even more than I already am is that Brian's right eye is starting to look blue (on day 4).  Brian's left eye is still completely cloudy and blue, and he's keeping it closed as much as he can.  :(  I read online that dogs keep their eyes closed when their eyes are in pain...

Please look at the pictures attached:
Picture #1 was day 1.
Picture #2 is day 3.- what weirds me out is that it seems to look like it's getting better.
Picture #3 is day 4 - taken tonight.

We got Brian an e-collar today to help prevent him from pawing at his eyes, since he just started doing so. 

I did another search on corneal dystrophy and the website says to watch out for ulcers, but the vet did not find any ulcers, scratches, on his eye.  And the pressure was normal too.  So, it makes me think that Brian does not have corneal dystrophy.

and this site says Pembroke Welsh Corgis are affected by the disorder (which then again convinces me that it may very well be corneal dystrophy):

I am thinking about taking Brian to the vet eye specialist instead of going back to the vet since I'm afraid the vet may have missed something despite the two tests she performed.  But I figure I'd post here first for any insight you guys may have.  It breaks my heart watching Brian keep his eyes closed with an E-collar on, not wanting to move. 

Thank you! 

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Woooooooooo Hooooooooooo! I'm positively pickled TINK! He looks grrrrrrrrrrREAT!
Brian: 21.5 lbs @ 8 months old.

We went to the vet today and the vet said Brian looks comfortable. She shined a light in his eye and says there's a scratch on the eye. The eye has shrunk, and it's become a seeth(forgot the term?), which is like a little hard marble. What she believes is that trauma occurred, then secondary glaucoma (elevated pressure, then secondary glaucoma went away, then blindness.

She said that secondary glaucoma can cause blindness in 8-10 hours(?) The brown of the eye is returning because the swelling has gone down, and the swelling is what made it blue and cloudy. She won't perform any dye test or pressure test, because we basically know that the eye has become blind.

So she believes the enucleation of the eye is the best option for his comfort; and to be on the safe side IF the eye becomes infected and swells up again.

They printed out an estimate and turns out to be $710.60. It got lowered from $955.50 since the vet believes that a biopsy is now not necessary because it's not cancerous, hereditary, etc. Just trauma.

So from what the vet told me, bf and I have concluded that we'll keep his eye...since it's due to trauma, there shouldn't be any chance of this happening again. And since he's already blind in the eye, it'll be as if he had the enucleation. If it DOES swell up or if Brian seems uncomfortable, then we will go for the enucleation of the eye.

She commented on how Brian is such a good boy, since corgis are usually snippy haha.

Thank you, everyone, for your advice and kind words. I really appreciate it. I will close this discussion to further replies since it's "over" for now. :)
Ok, I reopened this discussion.
Oh my god...I woke up today to find Brian's right eye (the good one) a little puffy, red around his eye, and with gunk. He's squinting and trying to get at it with his front paw and foot. I put the cone on him immediately. I'm scared.. I'm hoping that this isn't a re-occurrence of the whole situation. I don't want him to go completely blind...going to take him to the eye vet.
Oh no, AJ, I'm so worried for Brian. I hope it's nothing more than just something got into his eye that needs to be flushed out. I'm glad he's seeing the eye vet asap. Please keep us posted.
Goodness, you guys are having a terrible time of it! Lots of good Corgi thoughts headed your way.
Im sorry!! Like Geri said hopefully it is only something that needs to be flushed out and nothing too serious. Poor Brian, good wishes coming your way, please update us when u get back from the vet.
Oh no! I hope everything turns out OK. If it is happening to his other eye, I'd be inclined to pursue the auto-imune aspect of it. I have lupus, and have had uveitis, which some people have mentioned here. Doesn't sound like it since the pressures are up, but it's too weird that it is happening in the other eye too.
Exactly! I second your thoughts and hopes for a good outcome.

Aj, I truly hope it's nothing at all. All paws crossed. If in fact it is an inflammatory thing in this eye as well, I also would pursue the auto-immune condition, because it may be something systemic and even if the eye situation resolves itself, then I would worry about joint/tissue damage elsewhere.

I would also probably want steroid drops this time right off the bat, but I'm not a doctor and I'm just going by my own knowledge from my own inflammatory arthritis.

Poor Brian. :-(
Brian: 23.3lbs. @ 12 months old.

Ok, back from the eye vet. The Dr. performed the stain test and she found a superficial ulcer. The pressure was normal. Inflamed eyelid with a little bit of pus. They went to go flush his eye out and they took this giant weed out. (see pic below)

I was in shock and in tears (happy tears). I'm so relieved that it is not the unknown. Dr. said I did a good thing to put an E-collar on him and that I brought him in right away. They prescribed antibiotics and would like to see him in 10-14 days.
Here's hoping that it his good eye doesn't get any worse! I suspect that the weed is from our backyard or from a farm that we visited 2 days ago. Just to be on the safe side, Bf said he's going to set the backyard on fire to incinerate all those evil weeds in the backyard. And I think I need to get Brian a pair of goggles to wear when he goes out. Brian seems happier now that the weed is out and he is resting right now.
Thank you all for your good thoughts and wishes! I'll keep you guys posted. :)
I hope that this is it and it is nothing serious!!! Sending good thoughts your way! :)
So happy to hear that Brian is doing better :)

That weed came out of his eye??? oh my...
Yes! The receptionist wanted me to come 3 hours later when I called them. But I figured the sooner I get this checked out, the better. So I asked if I could come over now and she spoke with the doctor and she said yes. :) I'm so glad I asked...imagine having that in your eye for 3 extra hours!

And I now wonder if this is how the other eye became blind...


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