My Corgi isn't very affectionate. Did I do something wrong?

This has been bugging me for the longest time! My little guy, Oodeveer is over a year old and has NEVER been very affectionate. He hates to be held, will only allow me to scratch his neck or pet him for a short time, doesn't follow me around, won't lick me and just doesn't seem to "love" me like I've seen other Corgies do. Addie, his little sister is about a eight months old and is the exact opposite, she's very loving, likes to be held and cuddled and will follow me all around the house. Oodeveer is a smart dog and is very well behaved, doesn't have any aggresive or unusual behaviors, gets along well with his sister and is very friendly with strangers but he's just so ultra independent. I know dogs' personalities can vary from dog to dog but it bothers me he doesn't show affection like most other dogs. It seems he really hasn't bonded with me. Is this something unusual?

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Can I just say I love the name you gave your corgi (Oodeveer).. How did you come up with that?

I thought this was a new post. Sorry. Time for bed.


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