Well my almost 6 month old tri corgi has started shedding like crazy. To the point where if u just bearly pinch his coat, you will get a good glob of fur.

We had a Kong zoom groom which was recommended by the groomer @ petco when we first went shopping for his supplies but since then he has chewed it and i never thought that odd looking thing was good, til recently when i researched about it.

Question, what brushes are good for picking up alot of excess fur? The furminator is around $40-$60!! I know its a good brush but deng... any other cheaper alternative thats just as great?

I plan on picking up another zoom groom now knowing how good it really was and plan on using it on him for when we give him baths, but still want a good de-shedder brush to brush him with regularly.

Also, are those vitamin/minerals for dogs that claim to help shedding and their coats worth it?

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Corgi hair. They shed constantly in large amounts. He's young, be careful not to damage his coat. Just regular brushing, remember to be gentle (there is skin under all that hair!). Spring and Fall are the worst but not the only times they shed so get used to it!! Just consider it part of their charm!!

Sounds like a typical corgi! Many of the supplements for their coat are ok, but since you have a corgi it will NEVER stop the shedding, likely if you are feeding a high quality food, you will see no difference in the shedding since many of those foods already contain a pretty good amout of fatty acids and vitamins for their coats. Can't help you as far as good brushes, I think I own a few of the only shed free corgis on the planet! lol.

we had something very similar to this comb: http://www.amazon.com/Conair-Medium-Tooth-Undercoat-Memory/dp/B007H...

for my shepherds and shepherd mixes who shed about as bad as corgis (we called them German Shedders not Shepherds) and it worked really well. It was cheap and we've had the same one for over 10 years and it still works great despite a few puppies chewing the wooden handle.

Welcome to owning a corgi lol!!!  Here is a similar discussion that you may find helpful... or at least supportive : )



.... reading that article and realizing i havent vaccumed my carpet room in 2 weeks kinda gets me scared of how really hairy it is =X

we bought the Furminator, used it only a few times and then went to a simple undercoat rake. It works better and is cheaper.

As for supplements, we use Foxy Treats' Skin and Coat supplement, made locally here in San Diego. We swear by it; Sidney does not shed much at all. He  eats Natural Balance Alpha Dog, which has added omega 3's.

Foxy Treats Skin and Coat Supplement

HI Breanne! We don't know if it's the supplement, the food, the fact that we don't bathe him too often (about three times a year), or a combination of the three. He's tried all three kibble varieties of Natural Balance Alpha; he's had mostly the fish one but has also had the lamb. We're on the poultry one right now because that was our only choice when he ran out last time.He seems to like them all equally. This food is made without grains, but isn't too high in protein. The grain-free helps if there is a sensitive skin issue to corn or other grains. They also add omega-three fatty acids, which is supposed to help the skin and coat.

We call it Corgi Cotton

I use a regular flea comb on Scout.  It's the one you'd get for a cat.  The bristles are so fine and close together that they easily remove excess hair.  And it was only $3.00 I think.  Give a good bath (make sure you use soap that wont dry out skin) and brush when they are still damp.  This helps me a lot. 

"Embrace the Fur", you my friend, are now a full member in the Corgi Owners Assoc. Be one with the fur,.  Just remember to give your body time to adjust to all the fur intake.  Just a little with each meal.  Best thing I have found; hardwood floors, no carpet, leather couch or a covering, sticky roller for touch-up before you go out, and sweep/vac those excess Corgis bunnies hiding in the corners of the room each day.  We have 2 girls also sleep with us SO we have to change the bed sheets often. One last thing wear light colors, doen't show Corgi as bad.

I have a greyhound comb and a slicker brush that I use along with the furminator when they are blowing coat. Check amazon for a furminator, they're probably quite a bit cheaper.

Also, be sure you aren't bathing him too much.  If you're bathing him more than around once per month, that could very well be causing an increase in shedding.  If you aren't bathing him often, then a simple brush or comb and a vacuum cleaner will now be your best friends!  :)

its hard here in houston texas lol. Like we both start too stink @ the end of a sunny day if we have been outside


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