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   I'm not sure if this question has been answered before but I couldn't find anything when I searched it, so here goes:  We adopted a corgi-mix (not sure what the mix is, but he is super super hairy, and sheds a lot more than my previous lab-corgi mix) almost a month ago, and Howie is adorable, loving, and a huge sweetheart.  He doesn't bark, hardly ever, is smart, potty-trained, crate-trained, and picking up obedience lessons quickly.  His only negative is kind of a big one: Howie is afraid of my boyfriend (he lives with me).  The only time Howie has had accidents has been when my boyfriend has tried to approach Howie and continued to pursue him when Howie was trying to back away from him.  Howie has peed himself several times and once when I left before my boyfriend and my boyfriend had to put him in his crate, Howie bit my boyfriend lightly on the wrist.  My boyfriend has tried everything we've been told, getting down on Howie's level, talking softly, treats, ignoring Howie and letting Howie come up to him and rewarding him with treats when he does... to no avail.  Anytime it seems like my boyfriend makes some progres with Howie, as soon as my boyfriend stands up or walks away and comes back, Howie wants nothing to do with him and runs and hides.  My dog is so outgoing and energetic, even playful when my boyfriend is not around.  But when my boyfriend is

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Both Cesaer and Victoria (It is me or the dog) have done shows with this. I know some of the shows are listed here on mycorgi. If you can not find one of those shows I would check with a dog trainer to evaluate the situation. Meanwhile have your bf feed him and walk holding the leash (with you too) but not press too hard for attention from Howie. Good luck.
oh good I will look for them on this site because I searched Cesar's site and I didn't find anything exactly having to do with what we're dealing with. Maybe I overlooked something though. thanks for the advice.
The other thing is your boyfriend may be rushing it. It sounds like something that may take a while to fix. Try the treat thing with your boyfriend next to you on howie's level but do it once in the morning and once in the evening or everytime he comes over (when you have time). We got Charlie four months ago and are still trying to teach him things that we started teaching him the day he got here. Some dogs just take time.

I hope it works out for you all :) Im sure its because something horrible someone did to that poor pup.. :( Goodluck!
I would have to say that he probably had a bad experience with men. It will take some time for him to adjust. I wanted to adopt a shepherd/chow mix about 5 months ago. I really loved him but he was always wanting to run. He was a little nervous around men and my boyfriend has guns and one day he took one out to clean it and Diesel FREAKED out. The only thing I could think of was that someone terrorized him or tried to shoot him. With animals we adopt, you never know their story which makes it hard on us and them. I felt so bad for him but I just didn't have the room for him that he needed and he took off on me 3 times in the week I had him. My corgi that I had before him got hit by a snowmobile. Diesel took off and almost got hit by a car as I watched and could do nothing. My heart just couldn't take it so I had to give him back to his foster ma. She found him a search and rescue home. Copper was bred by Amish people. I put on a straw hat one day and Cop freaked. All I can say is give him time. Show him that your bf is okay by playing with your bf. Hold him and have your boyfriend come sit down by you. Just don't rush your bf into petting him right away. He'll learn that he's okay. Hope this helps and hope things work out sooner than later.
excellent advice. and you're so right about rescue dogs having a story to tell that we'll never be able to fully know!
oh wow that is so interesting to know! no actually I don't say anything when it happens bc if I tell howie it's ok pete yells at me and says I shouldn't reward shy/scared behavior. And I'm certainly not going to scold Howie when I feel like it's my boyfriend's fault for pushing the issue of being close to him and trying to pet him when he's so obviously scared. I will definitely tell my boyfriend that it's a submissive thing though and not a hey i don't like you so i'm peeing on ur rug thing haha.



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