Gwynnie has a problem.  I've tried to pretend that she's this healthy, happy, perfectly behaved, well-adjusted dog, but  I can maintain the veil of denial no longer.  I fear she has a real behavior problem, and we've been afraid to talk about it.  We have this elephant in the living room -- really -- a dead elephant (see below).  We have to face this.

She likes to kill things.  Small helpless creatures, mostly.  It's sickening.  She catches them and kills them, slowly and repeatedly, and dismembers their bodies.  Our home is a charnel house of severed heads and body parts gnawed clean down to the bone.  They're everywhere, hidden in corners, under the furniture.  Lifeless eyes stare hauntingly at us from dark spaces.  Whenever I come home, she greets me by proferring some dismembered body part.  My beautiful little Gwynnie... a vicious monster?!?

I don't know what to do.  Can anyone advise me?  Is it time to seek... professional help?  I mean, I'm afraid that if somebody like me walked into a shrink's office and said, "My *dog* has a problem", their jaw would go slack before they burst out laughing.  What should I do?

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Haha John, just reading your tags had me cracking up!

me too!!!  made my morning a little brighter! thanks!

Haha I think Zoey and Gwynnie could be partners in crime! It must be a girl thing because zoey finds pleasure in the disembowelment of the small helpless creatures living in our house and back yard. Although looking at the picture I think you could have a bright future as a witch-doctor =)

Sparty has the same problem! The other dogs just watch in horror while he destroys cute little stuffies...

Yogi not only dismembers but he likes to pull all the stuffing out. I usually begin to worry when it gets very quiet. I then search the house for him and all the innards are strewed everywhere. He will look up at me with stuffing all over his face. And he always looks so proud. :)
First of all, you had me really worried there you booger. If her problem is merely her trophies, perhaps this behavior is a warning to future ememies? Like heads on pikes? She is probably trying really hard to figure out how a domestic American corgi can get ahold of some pikes. All you need do is give her a new nickname. Gwynnie The Horrible? Gwynnie The Decapitator?

I like "Gwynnie the Decapitator!"  and maybe John can get her some pikes.....(that's probably what she's trying to communicate when she shows him the head....)

That is awesome.  We too have a monster in our midst.  Seanna loves to gut everything, but Jackson really gets in to it.  His whole body shakes, and he moans and groans while just ripping it to shreds.  If it wasn't so funny to watch, I'd be scared sh*&less....

Corgis under the guise of their adorable cuteness can actually be murderous monsters?  Tell me it is not so.  Must  they not be left alone in the presence of fluff and stuff?

Herding dogs?  Is this a marketing ploy?


Maybe this is a marketing play - they now sell stuffless dog toys, next, we may begin to buy separate body parts at Petco.

Dogs will no longer be able to derive any pleasure from ripping the stuffing and legs off of their toys.  Lock your children's bedrooms door.  Beanie babies are not safe.

So cute!  I have a shoe slayer at my house.  His only problem is what to do with the prey's under belly. 

AHHH yes, Lilly is our decapitator.  When there were no more soft toys around, she took to redecorating the living room and would destuff the pillows she didn't like.  So now before we leave they all have to be put up, or it will look like it snowed fiber fill in here.

"Lilly the Redecorator!" 


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