My 10 month old corgi has gone through more than 15 dog beds. She eats every one...tears it to shreds. We tried giving her a fluffy bathrug to sleep on instead with no pillow fill, she at that too. And towells are no different. What do we try now? I hate making her sleep on the bare floor with nothing, but I'm getting tired of the expense and the clean up. She is not neglected and gets lots of attention and playtime. What gives???

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Sounds like she's bored.  when does she eat her bedding?, and where are you when she does it? 

When Jack would eat his, the answer to your questions would have been "When he was in his crate or pen" and "Asleep or out of the house, which is whey he was in his crate or pen."   :-)

No fair Beth, you cheated.......LOL




She does it at night when we are all sleeping and she is supposed to be sleeping. Every morning, I'm greeted by a big pile of pillow stuffing and shreds of fabric.

I never got Poopdeck to stop tearing up his beds.  By the second one I just picked up the stuffing and gave up making him feel bad about it.  I also never bought a new one, I just let him sleep on the de-stuffed, and shredded remains.  After two years he still has.  With age he has stopped shredding beds, but still gets a kick out of disemboweling plush toys.  I don't know if there is a cure.

My puppy Zeus is 11 months old he does the same thing it is very frustrating :(

 he does the same to all stuffed animals and toys the only thing he can have he doesn't destroy are the huge nylabones

Common behavior she will probably outgrow.   I used cheap towels; Jack would eventually chew holes in them and then I'd replace them.   By about 2 or so he stopped chewing.   Jack chewed but did not eat them.  A dog who is inclined to swallow the pieces has no choice but to sleep on the bare floor.

I've attached a link for some helpful information.  Chewing is a natural and necessary behavior.  Something they mention, is to treat your dog when they are chewing something appropriate.  That should help her focus on those things she CAN chew up and destroy.  LOL

Yep, beds and shoes.  My poor beloved shoes.  Gracie has outgrown the bed chewing but occasionally if I'm forgetful and leave the shoes out and her alone too long she'll tuck into a pair of sandals.  Stuffed squeaky toys are still mercilessly ripped open and their innards left on the floor.   Hopefully your puppy will outgrow the bed chewing. 

I'm for the bare floor and appropriate chew toys such as large Nylabones or the black (for hard chewers) Kong.

Haha, oh nooo! I don't think my puppy will have a bed xD I will probably crate feed him, but he's going to be in my bed with me, if he wants-nothing better than doggy cuddling-and I bet it's even better with a corgi!:P (Despite my previous statement of nothing being better than doggy cuddling-it's because corgis are just above and beyond.)


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