Hi, I recently adopted a 4 year old Corgi, and she won't eat! I am getting worried. She will eat a few pieces of kibble out of my hand and if I hold the water up to her mouth she has a couple sips, but that's it. She won't even chew the raw hide bones I got her. What should I do?

Also, she is in heat. I'm not sure if that is significantly related to her lack in eating.

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Hi Maggie, did you get a little bag of the food from the place where you got her from? If you slowly mix in the food that she's used to the new ones, it will be better on her stomach, make sure there are no treats at this time, put down the food for 10 minutes and if she is not eating, pick it up immediately, set a scehdule, once a day or twice a day, sometimes they may hold out for "better things" and refuse to eat.

As far as in heat goes, she should actually eat more or may seem to be a little "annoyed" if there is another dog in the house. Let us know how it goes, keep us updated!
Try hamburger and rice mixed. It's easy on the digestive track.
I would also add to be sure she's getting daily (30 min minimum--45 would be great) walks, too. Not only will this help her work up an appetite, it'll get her into a schedule sooner.

Some of the things I add to my dog's food when she won't eat or has loose stool include a tablespoon or so of yogurt (I use Stonyfield organic fat free vanilla) and pureed pumpkin. This always get her eating.
She has seemed to warm up to me and I got her to eat a little bit. Thanks for the advice, everyone!
When my dog does this, we make it kind of a game. She sits, I feed her a piece at a time, and she gets really excited for each piece. Then after a couple of minutes, I can give her the bowl, tell her "good dog" and she finishes it all. Also just started a new food, which she likes better than the old. Hope everything works out okay for you!
My puppy just went into heat a few days ago and I have also noticed a lack of appetite. She nibbles here and there but that's it. Also, she is sleeping a bit more.

If she isn't eating anything I would try a little bit of Vita-gravy or one of the Iams gravys on her dry food, Domino likes those. If that doesn't work buy a small tin of wet food and see if she eats that. I would check with a local vet if that doesn't work.

Good luck! She's adorable by the way. :)



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