Hello everybodee!

I got such great advice with my toy problems that I'd love to hear what you have to say about itchy, dandruffy skin!

Tuesday is constantly itchy. Scratching her self all over. Rubbing her fair and body on the grass and carpet. I just feel so bad for her. I was thinking of looking for a soothing shampoo or conditioner. I'm wondering if that's the reason her skin is dry. We bathe once every 6 weeks at at do it yourself doggie bath at our local humane shelter. (So cool and we get to support my favorite cause).

Tuesday and Candice

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My 1st 2 thoughts would be...1. does she have allergies? 2. what kind of food does she eat? There are some oatmeal soaps and conditioners out there that might help. That's about all I can think of that could be causing this. Good luck and let us know what you figure out!
I also thought like Jane, it sounds like a flea or food allergy. DOes her food have corn in it? If it does, you might try switching to another food (Wellness now has a line of food just for dogs with food allergies), though it takes 2-3 weeks to seee improvement. Good luck...let us know how it goes!
I have been feeding her Lamb, Rice, and Veggie Mix from Kirkland - Costco. I checked the ingredients and way down the list is millet, but other than that no mention of corn or wheat.
amazon sells GRIZZLY SALMON OIL it's a great product at a resonable price and is great for doggy coats/skin
try putting her on a fish oil pill... omega 3's are like a natural benedryl... when my males were starting to get itchy and scratchy everyone was so fast to blrt out food allergies... well they are just seasonal and really only gets like that when the weather changes and here in the desert it's on hot or more hot so when the weather changes it's really hard on their bodies. mine are on just the 1000mg fish oil pills you can buy at the grocery store for people but now there are huge lines of suppliments just for dogs including fish and salmon oils....

PS find an oatmeal shampoo... they are the best for dry itchy skin... ryanspet.com and petedge.com are a great place to find SUPER inexpensive things for dogs. (it's where petsmart and petco get so much of their items.)
Have you tried a good brushing. Sometimes Ella will itch if a bit of fur is bugging her, but once I brush her down she is fine. I would think if the skin is dry, but not related to allergies, then some oatmeal doggy soap should help. When you wash her make sure all of the soap is out, it could build up on the skin. This happened to Ella once, I didn't wash all of the soap completely out of her belly and she proceeded to try to chew it all out.
Good Luck.


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