This happened about an hour ago:  I was coming back from a walk with Leena.  I walked her down the sloping apartment driveway to throw away her waste in the dumpster, when I slipped on the ice... flat on my back.  Leena (who I still had a hold of with the leash) proceeded to flip out, snarl and run around me in circles, snapping at an imaginary attacker (she actually spun me around on my back 5 or 6 times).  She didn't stop until I stood up. Now, this may have been her freaking out at something she hadn't seen before, but I like to think she was ready to attack whoever had pushed me.

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LOL!!  Hope you're OK though...

I was shaken up (and it hurt a bit)... but I couldn't help but laugh once I got up and processed it all.  Being spun around on the ice was the best part of all.

Any time my boyfriend pretends to hit me, Tomahawk goes into attack mode. He won't go directly to my bf, but to any object around him at the time and shake it about. It annoys the crap out of my SO but I like to think that Tom would be there to ward off any danger if it ever arises lol.

Once, out on a trail in the woods, I slipped on the icy trail and ended up on my back with the wind knocked out of me. Lucy, who had bounded ahead a little to sniff and dig, came racing back full gallop, sat leaning up against me, licking my face, and remained kind of leaning against me until I stood up. For the rest of the walk she was never more than 3 feet away. I wonder if your Leena was responding in anxiety.

ouch!  Glad you are ok...

Aw, I think that's sweet that she was ready to pummel someone on your behalf :)

I read about a military dog handler killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.  His dog protected his body so fiercely that his buddies had difficulty retrieving it.  

Good girl Leena! Yeah, I bet getting spun around was kinda cool. Glad you are ok!


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