I have 8 months old corgi and he refuses to eat puppy food. We tried wet, dry and mixed it with gravy but he won't eat at all. He only eats human food. The vet said to let him be, eventually he'll eat but it's been almost 2 days.

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You dog has learned that if he holds out and doesn't eat you will give him something better. You have created a picky eater by giving wet food, mixing gravy, and feeding him table scraps. You need to quit feeding all the extras ASAP and do as the vet said, just wait him out. He won't starve himself you guys are just having a battle of wills. You have to win this one or soon you will have a dog who won't eat anything at all ever. Put his food down for about 10 minutes, if he doesn't eat, pick it up. Do this 3 or 4 times a day. He will eventually learn if he doesn't eat his kibble he doesn't eat at all.
thanks for the advice. I feel sooo bad but the boy has to learn :(
he will:) just do everything Melissa said and he will learn to eat his food like a good boy:) good luck!
I agree with your vet. Soffie went through a stage of not eating around that same age. After 15 minutes, if she hadn't eaten, I picked it up, and she got nothing until dinner time. Then if she didn't eat.... same thing! And eventually, she started eating. Now.... you want to be sure he is still drinking water. They can go without food.... but not without water!! If he is refusing water too, then there might be a medical problem.
he's okay than, he's been drinking water left and right.
Just wanted to chime in with my agreement with what Melissa said. You're just training him (or he's training you!) that if he holds out he can get what he wants.

He may lose a pound or two, but if you give him ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING (that means no treats, no NOTHING....except water obviously) for a few days, he'll come around. Your dog would have to be insane to literally starve itself to death with food available.

That said, have you tried just switching to a different dog food brand? Maybe he just doesn't like that brand or the bag you bought had gone bad or something. If you've given him the benefit of the doubt, and tried a different bag/brand and he still isn't eating it, then you've just got yourself a little diva on your hands and you've got to put your foot down now. It truly is a battle of wills!
Sparty went through this stage too. Izzy never did but I think having Sparty around eating at the speed of light made her skip that stage. This will not be the last test of wills with your corgi. They are smart little stinkers!


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