I just got my Corgi puppy about a month ago.  He is now 12 weeks old.  He is very smart and doing well with housebreaking and basic training, however, he bites CONSTANTLY.  Not so much the furniture (though he tries to get at that occasionally) as much as my husband and I.  Arms, legs, ears, anything.  And, of course, his teeth are ridiculously sharp and painful.  At first it seemed like he was just playing, but now if we, for example, give him a chew toy that is appropriate to chew on, he will play with it for about 30 seconds and then drop it and lunge for my arm.  We have "googled" how to get him to stop and read many previous posts as well, and have tried everything we have come across, but nothing seems to work. We realize he is just a puppy and (hopefully!!) he will grow out of it, but in the meantime, any suggestions on how to make it stop? And more importantly, WHEN does it stop?! It is very frustrating because we cannot play with him for even 30 seconds without him biting, and it makes us feel like we are doing something wrong. Help!

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we have 2 adult corgi males...they did their share of biting mostly with each other...they could get really rough! When they would bite us, we would either substitute a chew or close their muzzle quickly...
there is the advice from Caesar Milan as well....but don't forget his mantra.... EXERCISE, discipline, affection...
before you play with them for fun, exercise them....find a way..a walk, or other puppy play before you put yourself into the game...
also, i heard, and never do, that playing tug of war with your pup can get them over excited and ecourage nipping..
and all the training really pays off after those teenage years....they were actually the toughest...but it was worthwhile, because we all became a family as we plowed through it!
hang in there-)
Ella got me good one time only. The way I dealt with it was to grab her muzzle and tell her "no bite" firmly for a few seconds. Also, whatever we were doing was done. After you let go of the muzzle, turn and walk away or if they are on the couch/your lap/bed put them on the floor and don't let them back up for awhile. Anytime I felt teeth (accidental or not) I did this. She is 2 years old now and when we are playing if she even thinks she felt skin she will stop what she is doing, put her ears in the submissive position, and attempt to lick my hands. The key is to make sure you stick to which ever method you chose.
Our puppy kindergarten class taught us to nip nipping as follows:

1) The moment the play gets too rough, say, "GENTLE!" very loudly and sternly.
2) Withdraw from playing *immediately*. Turn away from the puppy and mentally count to ten.
3) Turn back to puppy and resume playing. Repeat as often as necessary.

Corgis are clever little creatures and usually get the idea right away. Often, this produces submissive licking on the spot, followed by gentler play. Eventually, you'll just be able to say, "Gentle!" and puppy will tone it down.

Don't worry! It'll get easier as the puppy gets more mature, less rambunctious and gets in adult teeth, which are nowhere near as needle-like as puppy teeth. :)


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