*Submission Closed*

Okay Folks, here are this year's submission rules:

1. ONE photo PER member
2. Dogs only
3. Horizontal photo
4. Jpg only *Minimum 2240 x 1792 pixel (4 mega pixel). 5MB Limit (UPDATE BELOW)
5. Deadline Oct 11th 2010

Photo tips:

  1. Check out last year's photos
  2. Have a month / season / theme in mind
  3. Photos must be sharply focus (eg: eyes)
  4. Keep a simple background, your dog will stand out more
  5. Make sure indoor photos are well lit
  6. Be creative
  7. Get your camera and treats ready, have fun!

100% profit goes to corgi rescue as always.

Information on voting results, pricing, shipping dates will be announced in the coming weeks.

Due to technical issues, our system will only accept jpg file under 2mb for now. All chosen semi-finalists must have original full size file for print. We are working to fix the file size limit back to 5mb. More updates later.

We've fixed the file size limit. All system GO!

As of 6:52pm EST, we've received 69 entries. Here's a peek at the competition. Remember the deadline is OCT 11th 2010

UPDATE OCT 9th 2010

We've got 119 entries so far, here's a partial list of cameras used this year.

UPDATE OCT 12th 2010

Photo submission closed. Voting begins OCT 17th - 24th 2010.

217 photos submitted.

UPDATE OCT 17th 2010

PICK YOUR TOP 5. Voting close on OCT 24th 11:59pm

20 semi-finalists, 13 slots.

UPDATE OCT 18th 2010

970 votes in just ONE day, details here.

UPDATE NOV 23rd 2010

On Sale NOW!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who submitted photos! The votes are in and here are the finals. Remember the whole purpose of this calendar is to fund raise for the rescues. Check out the good works of CorgiAid andOcean Dog Rescue, we've donated $500 each to their rescue efforts this year. We hope to help more rescues next year with your support! Happy Holidays!

Sam Tsang

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Any chance of breaking the contestants down into categories before the final vote? I know it would be more work for those running the contest. It's just a minor quibble, but last year I think we ended up with three separate pictures of a Corgi in a field of flowers in the calendar, and not a single winter scene.

Don't get me wrong, all the pics of Corgis in flower fields were very good pictures, and the owners/photographers did a great job. A winter picture would be nice, though.
We'll see :) We've added photo tip no.2 for that reason.

On a side note: John's snowy winter photos have made it two years in a row! Someone need to give Gwynni and Al some competition :)

We had an overwhelming number floral and studio backdrop photos submitted last year, a lot of them did not make it to the finals because:

1. Too many photos with the same theme
2. Same glamor shots studio pose
3. Resolution too low, not qualified for commercial printing
what is photo tip no. 2 ? And as far as a winter scene i have a really good one i could send but i have already enterd a photo, am i allowed to send the winter scene also?
Photo tip 2 is exactly what's printed above: Have a month / season / theme in mind

Strategically submit a photo with the maximum opportunity to be published.

Since you already submitted, submission rule #1 prevents you from submitting a second one :( Sorry.
aww bummer, oh well maybe next year
So we only have 4 days to get the pictures in?
If my dogs photo ends up being selected for the calender, do we get a free copy?
no :(
Just think of all the money you can donate to a good cause!!!!!
The link to the calendar won't work for me!
The 2011 calendar does not exist yet, we are taking photos submission at the moment.


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