So I'm looking to add a lovely little girl to fur family in a few months hopefully, but I'm not sure how to find one.

I'm not really looking for a true breeder as I know they're very costly (and I do understand where the cost come from with all the test, vaccinations, ect) but I'm also not opposed.

Just looking for a little girl that I can add to my pack

I'm not too comfortable with the whole shipping a puppy ordeal, though I know it's not as bad as I always image it in my head, but I am willing to drive a few hours to find one.

I'm currently in the Lawrence KS area so I have a few options: around Kansas, up in Nebraska, or even over in Missouri a little bit.

Or even if someone on here is having a litter and is in the Kansas area and willing to sell a girl that'd be great as well! 

Also as a last minute question, I'm not totally familiar if the coat colors matter when it comes to breeding, so I'd also like to what what coat colors come from what parents. Like if you need to stick with 2 tri-colors, or if you can have a sable and tri or a sable and tan. ect.

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I'll be honest—a good, reputable breeder is not going to sell you a dog with full registration for breeding.

There's a lot more to breeding a dog than just getting an intact female. You should know all the ins and outs of the breed standard, be able to see what strengths and weaknesses your dog has structurally and temperamentally, and at the bare minimum at least have hip certification from the OFA or PennHIP. Many breeders also do CERF, elbows and DM testing.

There are plenty of pure bred corgis in rescue. Leave the breeding to the pros, or at least wait until you are much further educated on the breed before even considering it. I'm not trying to be harsh, but you are not supporting the breed by just creating more pet puppies.

Hmmm...  I didn't get that she is wanting to breed puppies.  Just that she wanted to get a puppy and it didn't need to be from a 'true breeder'.   Funny how we can read the same thing so differently.


But to that point,  look on the PWCCA site and you can search by states for breeders.  You may find one that is within your area that you can work with. 

I had been debating what to reply. Jane said what I was thinking, so I didn't. This post originally talked about wanting to start breeding. It got changed since last night.

Marcie....thanks for updating us on the thread change.  I was wondering what Jane was talking about because I didn't read anything about breeding.  Now we know.

I do agree with Jane.  I would also point out something else.  Last I heard 50% of dogs lose their home in the first year of life.  No one should be producing puppies that is not willing and able to take back a puppy of their breeding and keep it until a new good home is found.  Most dogs who lose their home are untrained, have developed bad habits and require time and effort to turn around before they can be properly placed.  If you are really interested in breeding Cristy, my suggestion is to find a reputable breeder in your area that will not only sell you a puppy, but is willing to  mentor you. 

So plans have changed we decided to have another roommate who will be bringing a dog with them and I don't want to over-dog our new home with animals. So I have at minimum of another year before I can add a  girl to my family which will give me lots of time to save up to buy from an actual breeder and learn more about the breed along with work with my current corgi on becoming better and stronger together

All that will serve you well.  There is a lot you can do and learn with the Corgi you have now and you can put the year to good use as you plan to do.  Nice update!


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