Anyone out there with a dog from Tim Mathesion of Nebriowa Kennels?  I have a new pup from him and was interested to see in anyone lived near Scout and I

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Wow! When are you getting your pup? do you know who the parents are? Maybe Scout is an uncle!  Congrats!!! look forward to hearing all about it

Hi Anna! First, yay for another Anna :) The puppies were born on December 18th, so we're waiting for our first visit with the litter. There were two males, two females, all tan and white. The mother's name was Viven, and she was super sweet. Tim's place is amazing! You can definitely feel the corgi love there :D No worries, I will definitely be posting picture of her, who's name will be Piper!

what a cool name! she will soar with a name like piper.  Scout loves to explore. Im sure she will too

Hi Everyone, Lucy is Nebriowa and I have nothing but praise for Tim and his Corgis. Lucy is the best Corgi we've ever owned and we've had a lot of Corgis! I knew he had a litter due mid Dec. I wanted one so badly but we already have 2 and are doing a big renovation so the timing is wrong. His Corgis are beautiful in body and temperament. He's a very loving and committed breeder as you all know who have been to his kennel in Cotati. We were at the last specialty and it was the most touching thing to see how Lucy recognized and greeted Tim. Even he was moved. I can't wait to see photos of this litter. Good luck to all of you. I'm going to go back to read all the postings and look at all the Nebriowa Corgis. Hopefully meet some relatives!

Hi Wendy/Jack! I was really impressed with Tim's place - it is true corgi-land! He seems like an amazing guy, and I've heard nothing but the best from people about him. I consider myself very lucky to have him right down the street from where I work in Cotati (I live in Santa Rosa). It couldn't be a better sign that now was the time for a little bundle of fur! Lucy's name sounds familliar, I think Tim mentioned her when we first visited him :) He said how she picked him out of the crowd. Amazing! I can't wait for our new family member! Don't worry, I will post plenty of pictures when we get her.

I think I might have a littermate or at least a half-sibling of your Lucy.  Our dog's mother is also Shanteroo Pixie Dust.  When was Lucy born?

Ooops I meant to reply to the comment below by Lucy & Ricky-Rafa (Wendy/Jack)

I had to pull out Lucy's pedigree. Had a serious brain freeze. Lucy was born Nov. 4, 2005.  Her father is  CHPemcader Belroyd Zodiac. So our Corgis are at least half siblings. Who is your dog's sire? I have to go to your profile and see photos of Lucy's new half brother.

Hi all. I know you've all seen your share of Lucy's (Nebriowa Lucy in the Sky) photos. I was looking through some old Corgi Handbooks the other day and came across a photo of her mom (Pixie- on the right side) and thought I'd share it. Pixie is pretty much what I've looked for whenever buying from a breeder: long, low, flashy white collar & pretty head, and good movement. Tim is a great breeder. I love Pixie's attitude and happy face.

who are the sire and dam of the  litter your pup comes form??( dec 18th)


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