Hello.  For those of you that have read Stitch's Story, you know we fought a year long battle with cancer and lost him a few months ago.  It has been too quiet in the house and we REALLY love having smiling, bouncing corgis underfoot.

We adopted a boy and are having the hardest time naming him...would LOVE suggestions!!!

We are also getting his Mom, Emma in a few weeks...

I think Corgis are like potato chips..can't have just one!  :)

Let the naming begin....

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Great name!

Oh he is absolutely adorable!  You know, this may sound a bit odd, but I have always found it works.  When I can't come up with name for a puppy or dog, I ask them - what's you name?  And everytime I get a name.  The last time this happened I got "Sierra" and sure enough, he loved his name.  So ask him!

Like the name!

he looks like an owen or noah orrrrrrr stanley orrrrrrrr micah orrrrrr jonah orrrrrrrr oh my word i can not get over how cute he is =)

Dewey, Waffle, Ein, Cooper, Brass

He is absolutely adorable! Congratulations on your new family member.

Names that come to mind for him are Simon, Percy, Gideon or Beau. Whatever name you decide on, I am sure it will fit him perfectly!


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