Hi All,

We have a busy household with a 9 month old Lab/Border Collie mix and my little princess a 7 month old Pembroke Corgi. I am having some behavioral issues with Daisy the Corgi and was hoping some more experienced Corgi lovers could help me out!

For one, we are still having issues with pooping in the house. We live out in the country and the two puppies play ALL day running and barking and being happy puppies inside and outside, Daisy goes outside first thing in the morning every morning for an hour, yet she holds her poo until she comes inside! If left unsupervised, she still poos in the house, even if she was just outside. Her older housemate is completely housebroken and can be left uncrated all day just fine.

Second, Daisy is very timid with us. She is most definitely attached to me, maybe overly so. She will follow me all around the house and dig under doors to get to me. She sits by the shower while I shower and is constantly by my side. She doesn't seem too fond of my husband. She rarely goes to him for attention, even though he certainly tries everything he can to win her over. She is extremely active and playful with the other dog but when either one of us goes to pet her, she puts her ears flat and acts very nervous, yet she follows me around acting like she would like attention.

Mind you, both of our dogs are extremely spoiled and are certainly not beaten or abused. I would just like to help her not be so timid.

Thank you!

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Does Daisy get to go out alone? Maybe she doesn't like to poop with the other pup right there?

I agree with Jane, but she may still go out alone and not poop, because now she has established a habit of going in the house and that needs to change.  If you just put her out, you have no way of knowing if she went or not and this is essential knowledge!  The only solution I see is taking her out on a flexi-lead, or other long lead and, if she does not go, confining her, then again taking her out in the same way until you get the desired result, so you can praise  her.  This is not a once or twice deal.  It has to happen long enough that a new habit is established, a minimum of three weeks of uninterrupted success.  Then you will still need to keep an eye on her until you know she can be fully trusted.  It's one step froward and two steps back, so you want to be sure she does not have the opportunity of eliminating indoors.


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