Ok, does anyone have a nervous shaker? Copper shakes, or twitches, a lot sometimes and it first I thought it meant that he was nervous but sometimes he will be laying there in bed and his front leg will shake. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea why he does this and if a lot of other people notice the same thing.

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Does he twitch when both awake and asleep? At first I thought it was just when he sleeps and maybe he was dreaming...but if it is while awake too, I don't know. I've never seen it happen in any of my dogs...except Sidney, in the leg he just had surgery on. It seems the pain when he overexerts it makes it spasm, and I need to gently massage it until the spasm stops.

You might want to ask you vet about it, in case something is causing him pain.
It sounds like a muscle spasm. My Corgi gets them in her hind legs. My vet says it's not worrisome usually. It can be a symptom of Addison's disease, but if the dog has no other symptoms it's usually nothing to be concerned over. My homeopath says it's a break down of the mylenation around the nerves caused by vaccines. I love my homeopath dearly, but they do tend to blame everything on vaccines. Not saying she's wrong, just saying take it for what you will (I do vaccinate minimally though because I have seen many reactions in my own animals).
Well, I once had a cocker spaniel that was a nervous shaker. She also had what seemed like muscle spasms occasionally. Turned out that she had a thyroid issue that was giving her minor seizures. Pills fixed the problem. No more shaking or twitching after that. Not trying to scare you, but wanted to share this in case you find it helpful. I would check with vet on this one because of my past experience with Vanna (the cocker spaniel).


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