There have been several dogs in my area (Topeka, Kansas) that have been diagnosed with Parvo. My friends dog, Kaya is thankfully on the mend. Unfortunately, a customer of mine had a dog pass away a few days ago. This is a strain that is NOT included in the vaccine. My vet has recommended that we keep our fur kids at home, and set up a bleach boot dip before entering the house. My roommates and I work in high traffic retails, and since this strain seems to be prevalent in the area we are taking every precaution possible.


PLEASE give your vet a call,and verify this is not in your area. If you all could say a little prayer for Kaya's brother, Payton, it would be much appreciated. He doesn't have parvo, but was exposed to it. So far he is showing no symptoms, but is being watched closely.

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That's all we need in a new strain of something:( Thanks for letting us know.

A few years ago in the bay area several dogs were being diagnosed with parvo who were previously vaccinated. I believe the new strain is the one mentioned in this article. Not 100% sure. I'll ask my teacher, she is a disease investigator for horses and small animals and often knows of all the new viruses and bacteria etc. in the animal world


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