Hello everyone!

I'm new to MyCorgi.com! I'm about to become a new Corgi momma! I have wanted one for as long as I can remember. I actually have a stuffed Corgi w/ a collar on it, just waiting for the day I brought one home. Now its almost like a surreal dream that is coming true in about a month!
So I am curious, what are some things that I need to know? I know they are a herding breed and I've done a lot of research! and I mean a llootttt! But I feel it is always good to ask people with experience. I see no Corgi's at the dog park we go too around here, which makes me a little sad. :(
I'm curious if there is any difference between the male and female? I've read that females can be more bossy. My stepdad's co-workers has a male and he's like insanely super hyper. However I suspect she doesn't mentally stimulate her corgi and just takes him for mindless walks. Are females good with other females? We have a 5 yr old Yellow lab that is a female. She also has diabetes and losing her eyesight :( We also have 3 cats? should I expect my little baby to be trying to herd them around the house? That would be such a sight though!
I know Corgi's are dogs that come with BIG personalities... It's something that attracted me to the breed. Little bodies and BIG personalities... just like myself. What else little things should I expect from these clowns? I've read that they are very in-tune with their humans emotions. Is that true? What I'd give to get a lick on the face after a bad day at work! I'm trying to think of some other things but they are just not coming to me this early in the morning! (11am, lol, i'm such a bum!)
I thank you all! I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

--- Caitlin

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I can't!!! lol i think i might burst before it happens! I'm already going into mommy mode... she has 2 baby blankets, a pink polka dot collar, a pink kong, some toys all placed in a basket that i am going to train her is her toy basket. I wanna train her to put her toys away before bedtime! lol that would just be awesome!
Hi Caitlin,

Welcome to the Corgi family! We got our dog, Templeton, as a rescue about 6 months ago at the age of 6.5yo so he does not quite have the energy of a pup but definitely a big personality and very willful. He is our first Corgi and I think one of the most important things to know is their love of food and their drive to get it...much more so than other dogs I have owned in the past. We have had to resort to putting the recycling up at night or when we leave because he will get into the bag and take out anything with edible remnants on it (milk/cream cartons, little sauce containers, you name it!) and lick it clean. He has also gone through bags and found boxes of food that we forgot to take out at the end of the day. We've essentially had to "corgi proof" our house to put all things with food out of reach!! That being said we love him to pieces and wouldn't have any other dog!! You'll be so happy!!
She is adorable. The little girls definitely tend to have an "I'm in charge" personality. What's wonderful though is that if they're trained well, they will absolutely give that place to you (reserving second in command for themselves always:)). Although I haven't had a lot of other breeds as dogs, I've never had one that adored their humans like my corgis do. Because they have such big personalities, they pretty much feel like a member of the family, rather than the family dog.

I had to laugh at your comment about buying new things for her, because I've spend an inordinate amount of time buying things for my new puppy, Fffionn. I spent about half an hour agonizing over which collar I would get for him, which is silly considering how quickly he will grow out of it. My husband said, "What are all these new toys and why did you think we need them?" Rufus already has a toy pile on three of the four floors of our house! I was afraid he wouldn't want to share.
congrats on the new puppy!!!:D she is so cute! everyone has given u wonderful advice so i dont have much to say lol but i know that once u grow a bond with each other nothing can break it. me and teddy have such a close loving bond. we are always together and i know just by looking at him how he feels or if he wants to tell me something. but be prepared to trip over her every time u turn around because she will always be by your side:) lol this breed will make u laugh everyday and tons of people will ask u"what kind of dog is that?" or "what is she mixed with?" times will be hard but once u get through the puppy stage of potty training and chewing u will be ok:)
I am actually VERY used to tripping over my cat cause he never leaves my side lol He follows me absolutely everywhere... Even during showers! He sits on the toilet and will meow at me! I'm so worried that he is going to think that I am replacing him or that he is going to hate me. Before we left the breeder yesterday I actually rubbed her down in a blanket for him to come smell... He sniffed it but doesn't seem bothered by it. I also have her crate set up for him to be acclimated to it being in the room. I've played puppy noises from my laptop and he just looked around. I'm hoping sooooooo much that those two will become friends!
I just have to add this pic ...

One of my favorite ages for corgi puppy pics....before the ears come up and when they're fat and furry. They look just like little teddy bears. Of course, when your baby's ears come up, then they're the cutest thing ever too. I'm just now getting my fourth ever puppy and it's still incredibly fun, but to go through all the puppy stages with the first is very exciting. Enjoy!
We go to both the little and big parts of the dog park, but Murray likes the big dogs best. He likes to play with Huskies. Shepherds and Pit Bulls are often a bit rough. Boxers tend to come down on top of his head with their paws and I worry about his eyes. The park we go to is about 25 acres, so it is usually easy enough to avoid questionable dogs. Between my son and I we have had 6 Corgis in over 20 years....all smart and funny, with a mind of their own and the most people-like dogs I have ever been around. Life is good, never boring, with a Corgi by your side. Enjoy your new baby and consider agility training when she is older...lots of fun and Murray loves it.
Just get yourself some good hair removing equipment and love him up! Enjoy!
Hi Caitlin,
My name is Cintia and I will be a new corgi mama too!!! in about two weeks, I am very exited!!! Check out my page, I uploaded a few pictures.
SOOOO nervous! Harlequin comes home on Saturday... I think I have properly nested. She has her crate set up w/ dividing wall.. all toys washed and cleaned.. blankets have gone through the wash.. puppy proofed and cleaned my room spotless! I'm so nervous and excited at the same time!
i am super happy for u! she sure is pretty:) i bet she will have a wonderful home with you and your kitty. sorry about not getting back with u on that comment but i must say he does everything that my cat does! always with me and meowing at me when i am in the shower lol and dont worry abut your kitty, he wont feel replaced:) i bet he will be very excited and love a play mate! my two cats and teddy play all the time and they are best buds


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