About 2 and a half weeks ago alex was licking her paw. When I bent down and looked at it i realized that there was a little bit of blood on her paw. My mom decided that it was just a small cut and it would heal by itself. 2 weeks later it didnt heal. two days before christmas my mom finally decided that we should take her to the vet. (He is a little strange... ) but anyway, he said that alex had split her nail. they gave her anesthesia so that they could work on it and bandage it up... and fix an infection in her mouth. She had never had a bandage before. She didnt like having a bag on her foot so that she could go outside in the snow. She didnt really walk much. Lots of limping. She mostly just sat in her chair. When we took her back to the vet to get a new bandage she cried and cried. obviously the vet didnt like her stubbornness, so he decided that we should take the bandage off ourselves a couple days later because he didnt want to go through that again. She also had to take antibiotics for her foot. She hates taking pills. we tried putting the pill in peanut butter. She licked off all of the peanut butter and promptly spit out the pill. any ideas on how to give her pills?

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That's how our vet does it. We fail every time we attempt it. Just don't have the skill.
cheese, hot dogs and then they do sell some thing you can use.
When I fed my Lizzie with pills coated with peanut butter, she will do the same. My vet showed me that I can just put the pill in her throat. The first reflect for the dog will be swallow what's in there. You need to put the pill deep enough.
Sorry to hear Alex was hurting!! I hate it when they have ailments(just like kids) Edward is more of a stinker when it comes to pills. I usually save a piece of some kind of meat from our dinner and hide their pills inside it..they usually swallow the whole thing in one gulp. I know they have some flavored chewable pain pills that they just gobbled down, but don't know about that for antibiotics. I hope Alex is feeling better soon!
Oh... poor baby!!! If it was me.... my first mission would be to find another vet!!!

We have trouble sometimes with Soffie and Griffyn too taking pills. When all else fails, we use the method Alice uses with Finnigan.

Heal quick Alex!!!
Awww...Algy and I hope Alex is feeling better. Getting them to take their pills can be a chore. Algy is such a pig that he used to eat the pill straight in hopes that our other dog at the time, Delilah, wouldn't get it first. Delilah was like your Alex - very clever at not swallowing pills. We found that wrapping the pill in some meat or cheese worked, but you have to let them see that you have more than one to give them, so they don't take their time and the just swallow it down. That worked for us.

Hope all is going well! Lots of get better soon corgi hugs and kisses!!


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