I just bought my puppy a Nylabone Dental Dinosaur because it was recommended by a breeder that I visited. I thought it would be good for her teeth, but now that I have watched her play with it I am unsure. It is quite hard, and I'm worried that it will crack her teeth or damage her mouth. Has anyone had that kind of problem with these kind of Nylabone hard chews?


What type of toys do your corgis chew for dental health?

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Molly cracked a canine on one of the Nylabone puppy bones. She is in the midst of teething and I was reluctant to give her anything that might be too hard, so I opted for the puppy bone. Turns out those are pretty hard too! So now she gets plush/rubber toys, her puppy Kong, and lots of ice cubes. My advice would be to hold off on the questionable toys until your pup has her adult teeth in.
Kiwi absolutely loves these! We have 3 of them, one that sits in her crate for when she gets bored at night. Her teeth have been fine. We chose these because Kiwi is a pretty aggressive chewer when she gets going, and nothing could withstand the force of her teeth, until I found the dinosaurs. I'm pretty sure they're ok to give to the pup, maybe a little tough for the puppy teeth, but it's been great for Kiwi as an "adult."
If your dog is an agressive chewer these things are great. My mini Aussie pup tears up EVERYTHING! The nylabone dino is the only thing that has lasted longer than a week at our house. We're going on 4 months now (although the dino is down to only half it's original size thanks to all the chewing!).
There are two types of dinos, the white ones are harder than the blue ones. They should be good for a puppy. My sheltie Zoey likes them, better for my corgi Prince are the white ones.
When we first got Ein from the breeder he came home with an old soup bone. lol. He still has it! lol. So he gnaws at thing for the most part. About a month ago my mother in law bought him a traditional rawhide which he ate in about a day (it was a smaller one). Then we got him some of those dental bones with a meaty center. He ate 1 in about a night. So now we got him a medium sized rawhide which he's already gnawed off (but not eaten) one of the ends. That seems to be working :) Oh and he has all his adult teeth in just in case you were wondering :)
When we first got Finn at 8 weeks we gave him a Puppy Kong, Puppy Teething Keys by Nylabone and a Puppy Fish Flexible Chew by Nylabone. He loved them all and they are not too hard as they are intended for puppies. I think the Puppy Keys were his favorite. :)

We started giving him rawhides when he was about 12 weeks old. We use the C.E.T Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews:
These are usually sold at the vet's office or you can probably order them online. He really loves those.

We purchased a Nylabone Dental Chew (it's a blue bone with bumps) but he destroyed it too quickly. It probably would have been better when he was small but we didn't get it for him until he had all his adult teeth and the bone was no match for his new chompers.
Annie chewed Nylabones (just the plain bone) for a few years -- they were the only things she didn't destroy! But one day I found a piece of tooth! I was taking her to the vet for a nail clipping anyway and brought the piece with me because I couldn't find a hole or a chip or anything. The vet said she just cleanly sheared a large piece off one of her rear molars. Must have cracked at some point or maybe it was just a weak tooth. Just like us, some dogs have good teeth, some bad, so maybe it was just a coincidence. I also noticed that if she chewed obsessively, she would sometimes bleed. We previously had a cat with bad teeth and we didn't want Annie to have any future teeth problems....so, alas, Nylabones are now a thing of the Annie's past. Which is too bad...she loved them and would get soooo excited when we brought a new one home!!
Chloe loves her puppy fish.
My dog cracked her teeth with Nylabone. She loved it, but one day, we noticed her not chewing on her left side any more... at all! She cracked & damaged her tooth, and eventually, had to have root canal done. We had to take her to an animal dentist, and he said that Nylabone can be too hard for a dog. He doesn't recommend it. He said to giving rawhide is better for their teeth.

Anyway, after she went through that (expensive!) procedure, we also noticed she had another tooth chipped too. Thankfully, that didn't get infected like the other one. :) Needless to say, she no longer gets Nylabone. She might be a rare, extreme case, but according to the animal dentist, she's not the only one with cracked teeth. :(
This worries me, because we give Grover Nyla's all the time! He hasn't ever chipped anything, but he is a POWERFUL chewer and has to have something strong or he will destroy it and then eat what he gets off! So we use the dino-nyla's and then we also use a regular nylabone. But he LOVES the dyno ones. He's on his second!
We used to love it too... until you know what. Our Dee Dee eats what she destroys too, so we loved Nylabone for that reason as well since they don't break up much.

Even after she got her root canal done & brushing her teeth regularly, she seems to have issues with her teeth. Just like humans, she must be one of those who always has issues with teeth no matter what. I suggest you check your doggy's teeth regularly, but he may never have issues like mine did. Good luck!!
I bought Freya an Orka bone for puppies...she loves it. It has a rope attached to it (which she managed to untie it) and a blue bone with multiple textures for her to gnaw on. I often get it wet and stick it in the freezer and give it to her before I go to work to help her with her teething problems.


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