Hi, I have a almost 4 year old Pembroke who has an oil coat. He's a beautiful tri-color, but his black back always looks greasy. Even after a bath it's still there. I'm wondering if it's his food. We feed him Blue, which is a very high quality food. Has anyone else had trouble with an oily coat? Thanks!
Susan, Peanut and Tulip

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does it feel greasy or just look it, as loki has a nice sheen to him but does not feel greasy. A could should have a lustrous sheen to it.

Although Blue is very good food, that is not enough reason to rule it out unfortunately, some dogs just respond better to other foods. Finding one that agreed with Loki was a chore, about 5 brands later we got one.
Thanks Kyle, Peanuts coat is greasy...yick. After petting him I have to wash my hands. He used to have a nice shinny coat, but not greasy. Now it is greasy. The groomer said "he has a naturally oily coat". Which I don't really think is true, this is just come about this past year. He's been on Blue since he was a puppy so I am a little hesitant to blame the food. I was just wondering if there is a supplement he needs.
Is it maybe the shampoo you're using? I don't know if there's an oily coat shampoo, but you may look into it. Anything you've changed lately in his diet? Treats? I think the first thing I would do is try a different shampoo. Maybe the one you're using has some kind of conditioner in it that's making his coat oily. Just a thought.
How often are you bathing him anyway?
Yes - how often do you bathe him? I read, because of the Corgi's double-layer, water-resistant coat, you rarely wash them. No more than once a month. It dries them out. If his coat is oily, it could be too much bathing and making him replenish his natural water-resistant oils. We don't wash Luna and she doesn't smell. She gets a little rinsing though when we let her chase the water hose spray but that's it.
I have a rescue that always has a greasy looking coat on her upper back...I very seldom shampoo but within a month this is back. I think it's just her. None of my others have this, they just have the beautiful sheen. All my dogs are on the same food so I don't know if this affects her different but she's always had it. The conditioner question was a good one.
Thanks all. Peanut doesn't get a bath very often, once every couple months and we don't use a conditioner. He goes to the groomer twice a year when his coat is shedding, otherwise all I do is brush him every once in awhile. He's a pretty low-maintenance low-rider. He does go into a river at the dog park, but he's only been in there once this summer. Jane, it's funny you would say your rescue has the same thing because Peanut is a rescue too. Our other corgis (Pete, who passed away several years ago and Tulip, the newest clan member) didn't/don't have this problem. Peanut and Tulip get string bean and carrots as treats, occasionally a tiny puppy cookie. Oh well. I think I am going to try giving him a bath with an anti-oily shampoo and see if that helps.
the other thing I noticed tonight is another spot that looks like Wiley rolled in something light in color. Wiley does this quite often is there any chance that Peanut rolls in something (not necessarily stinky) and that when this happens it collects more oil? Just another thought. All my dogs love to roll but she seems to pick something other than just grass.
Oh Peanut rolls in stuff alright, but he's always done that and this is a more recent thing. I'm trying to figure out when it started... It may have something to do with our newest corgi, Tulip. Her coat is fine, but she is all over him all the time. Geez! I sure hope she's not peeing on him!! OH GROSS.
Hi Susan, my 7 year old, Charlie has the "greasy" thing too. He has multiple allergies that mostly manifest as skin problems so I just always thought that was probably why he feels icky. He is also a tri and I sometimes wonder if the hot sun could bring out the oily film. That black fur heats up really fast when we are outside and he seems to hate going out in the summer. (his allergies are also alot worse in the summer) Charlie eats allergy formula Natural Balance and I usually bathe him in a shampoo that has tea tree oil in it for his itchy skin.
Well, I went out and bought some tea tree oil shampoo. Gave Peanut a good lather and massage. Let's hope this works.


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