Our boy left us 2 weeks ago and I didn't know how hard this would be. At least we can now find black corgi hairs hiding in corners without falling apart.

He was a handsome tri that was stubborn, strong willed, sweet and lovable all rolled up in a hairy short package.  He tested our patience daily and made us laugh and smile constantly.

Our other corgi Chepstow has been a lifesaver.

Tenby's ashes are now back at home with us and our next job is to find the perfect urn.  Tenby lived his life out loud and we need to find something fitting for him.

I did tell him as he was leaving us that over the bridge there is a cookie machine that would give him cookies, he just had to bark.  I am sure that was the first thing he looked for.

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So hard. I hope each day gets easier, but I know the sadness will be hard to shake. Sorry you lost your baby.

Thank you for all your sweet comments,thoughts and prayers. Someone once told me your grief equals the love. We have 8 wonderful years of memories. Hug your fur babies.

So sorry to hear of your loss.. It's always hard to let go of a furbaby but it sounds like he was very loved and many great years. That's all we can offer them. 


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