My boyfriend and I purchased a purebred corgi puppy on 02-01-09 from a breeder ( Darlene Holder in Gladwin,MI 989-426-1536) with a promise of papers to come in the mail. It's now been 2 months and still no papers. We've called a few times and left messages but they never return our calls. I have actually spoken to her twice, the last time, almost three weeks ago, she was very rude and acted extremely annoyed that I'd called. She confirmed she did have the papers and that she'd send them out when she "got around to it"! I'm so frustrated, I've left it up to my other half to handle since he's historically much better at these things. She wont return his calls either so now he's getting an official complaint written up to send to her and court with the hope of getting some results. We are absolutely in love with our Bonnie but seeing how much we paid for a purebred, we should get the papers. I mean how hard is it to put them in the mail?

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:( Did you ever get the papers?!
Your state should have puppy lemon laws to protect the buyer look it up or talk to your local DA. You have the right to sue her if you were promised papers and the breeder refuses to give them to you. We had almost the same problem except when we did finally get the paper they were limited which is not what we had agreed upon. It took 5 months but she finally changed them when i went to her house with the lemon law and threatened to sue her which is what AKC told me to do. I will never get another dog from someone I don't know or trust.
Can you contact the AKC for some back up. I know the AKC is useless in many ways, but maybe they can give you some back-up guidance (as for the the person who did what the AKC said, above). I got papers on my guys but lost them when I moved, and got replacements from the AKC, maybe you could get them that way??
I did get the papers eventually (after Joel threatened to sue her, which made my stomach sick just thinking about...). they were limited but we didn't mind as we were getting her fixed anyway. Next time we get a puppy it will be from either someone we know or from someone we know we can trust.
Yay, glad it worked out for you. Yes, working with someone you know/trust makes all the difference, and gives you support when you need it. My breeder (, Janet Richardson, in B'ham Alabama) checks in with all her puppy owners at least annually (and she's been doing this for YEARS, so I can't imagine how she does it), and would be there in a heartbeat if I needed help. It makes all the difference!

Stephanie, I am a new member here. I've been breeding for years and can tell you that the person you got your dog from in MI is not a club member and I'm pretty sure that genetic testing was not done on the parents. The paper fiasco is just another symptom of her poor breeding practices. For anyone else going thru this, yes, you can contact the AKC. You need the breeder's name and the date of whelping at the minimum. She should have given you a bill of sale or a contract that had the parents' names on it as well as their AKC numbers. There is little to no recourse for a problem like this, and sometimes even AKC can't help. I live up in Cheboygan, feel free to write to me if you need further help. And I'm going to post a photo of a pretty, well bred pup for you all to see.... :)
What a beautiful pup! We have not been to your kennel but have heard quite a few compliments about you and your dogs.
Wow!!! That puppy is gorgeous!!
I hope your next experience is better. I have learned a lot reading this site.


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