There is a Pembroke female and a Cardigan male listed on Petfinder in the the Marshalltown, IA shelter if anyone is interested or if there is a rescue group that can pull them. The owner had to move and couldn't take them with him. They were both owned by the same person.

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Wow...wish I didn't have an aggressive rescue right now or I's check them out!  Thanks for posting!

Going to notify a couple rescues I know... don't know if they will be able to help as they are all taking in a lot of dogs right now...

Male Cardigan -

Female Pembroke -

They both kinda look like pems to me...

I can't get their pictures up so I have no clue other than what the listing says.



Male on top, female on bottom. If you go to the website in the petfinder listing they have them on their site.

I tried that before my last reply and didn't get the pics. Hmmmmm


Don't see much Cardigan in the male, just longer hair.

Could be a fluffy...I can't see a tail either but it could be there...My Pemmie tails really confuse people.

Here is the link directly to the shelter.


Scroll down to see pics and to read info about the dogs and the shelter.

I didn't know how this forum worked so accidentally started a new thread.  Just wanted to touch base and let you all know these dogs are safe.  I talked to the directer and she said they would be able to place them with no problem.  They have already had several inquiries.



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