My boy Caleb is almost four months old. He's been a healthy boy but mid fall started getting the itchies. We got them mostly under control (dry skin) and he's been good. But the past few weeks his tail nub has been driving him insane.
He has a hard time reaching back there to even clean his tush so he doesn't really have a chance to 'dig' at it, well today he's discovered how to reach and he did manage to irritate it enough for it to be red and very sore.
He's never had a problem previously. His entire litter was docked by the vet he sees now so it wasn't an at home 'crop job'.
Anyone else have or had tail nub issues? I'll be calling tomorrow and getting him an appointment but in the mean time I thought it worth it to check with other corgi owners.

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I know they say sometimes they can have "phantom pain"--just like a human does when an extremity gets amputated. It comes from the nerves being damaged, and they still sense that the limb is there. I know in humans they can give some meds to quiet the nerves--Elavil I think? Not sure about dogs. Check with the vet.
I could totally understand the phantom pain but it's just been sudden. They were docked when they were days old and he's just having issues now at almost 4 months?
I'm very interested in seeing what the vet has to say, I've had dogs with docked tails previously but this is the first time there has been an issue with one.

Thanks for the food for thought though!
I would take him to your vet and see if his anal glads need expressed
I don't believe it is his anal glands, he's definitely worried about the tip of his nub. I have washed it with warm water and dried it well. He is not happy having it messed with, other then the irritation he caused it this morning it's looked normal.
After this morning we've not allowed him to focus on it, lucky for us he listens to leave it and no.

As I said earlier I'll be setting up a vet appointment tomorrow but I doubt we'll get in then as it's not really emergency status so I'm hoping I can at least pick his brain over the phone a bit.
put some bitter spray on it? they use it for "hot spots" which it sounds like he's got, just happens to be on the tip of his tail!
Well, the vet doesn't think it's any of the above. Since Caleb couldn't really reach his tush to clean it until recently the vet thinks that perhaps he got a bit of poo on his nub and developed an irritation. We'll hopefully know for certain this Thursday.
We have taken to cleaning his nub with warm water and putting triple antibiotic on it and yesterday he only got after it once.
The first time I cleaned it I made sure to scrub off anything odd, doing this Caleb was acting more itchy then in pain and now when we apply the ointment he is just fine.
Glad to hear it's getting better!
Loki chases his bum, but cannot ever catch it, usually settles for scratching his hind legs. funny to watch, he goes ballistic, grunting and spinning. This also means he cannot 'clean' him bum, so we stock baby wipes, might be a good investment.

Glad to hear he is getting better.
That's what my husband and I figured we'd do. With a baby on the way anyway we already have heaps of them.
Just to update on this we did take him to the vet and my suspicions were confirmed. Being able to reach his nub allowed him to irritate it HOWEVER the reason it was bugging him to begin with was that occasionally when he poos it doesn't self clean so... he now has his very own baby wipes. :) His nub is back to normal and he's no longer 'after it'. Though he will give himself a good clean a few times a week now, he stops on his own after a few moments.


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