i just got purposed in the best way possible <3 how adorable is this? as a corgi lover in the back of my mind i always wanted a corgi themed proposal or wedding and without even asking, i got my wish  (thats his nickname by the way lol )

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thank you Vicky!

Hey Rebecca, Congrats!!!! Baden's outfit in that photo is spectacular :)

I hope to see corgi-themed wedding photos in the future! 

no worries there :) he will be in the wedding for sure, tuxedo and bow tie.

He looks like an angle but given his nickname I'm glad Baden didn't eat the ring. Congratulations! Great picture!

Congratulations! That is adorable.  Is Baden going to walk you down the aisle?? :) 

we actually have been talking about that since he looks so darling in his outfit lol

i want to thank you al for your congrats and blessings <3 its been a rough week planning the wedding but things are falling into place :)

So cute!! I love the tux :)


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