Picking Up Your Little Bundle of Corgi and the First Day

Hello you all! I am new to My Corgi and will officially be a first-time corgi parent on Friday 8/30/2013. I am absolutely ECSTATIC and couldn't be more pleased. I have been waiting years for this day to come and it is nearly here! I am taking the 5 hour drive to pick him up with a fellow corgi lover and the drive could not come sooner. My "nesting" process has been going in full throttle with random trips to the pet store for toys, basics, and, of course, color coordinated everything. I cannot wait to meet my new pup, who I finally decided to name "Gatsby." I have somewhat of an idea of what to expect when picking him up from the breeder, but just the basics and was hoping for more detail on what to expect. I am hoping to make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible for Gats.


I am interested in your new puppy stories. What was your puppy preparing process? How was your experience first meeting your "fur baby" and finally taking him/her home? Do you have any tips for a first-time corgi owner? Also, puppy pictures are always appreciated!


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Congratulations!!!  How exciting!  I haven't brought home a puppy in many many years.  I'm sure you have all the puppy proofing done and what not so the best advice I can give is to keep it low key.  Little guy is leaving his siblings for the first time and going with strangers so he is going to be confused and upset.  Keep voices moderate and not excited sounding...that will be so hard I know.  Give him a chance to adjust to you and his surroundings before lots of people come to welcome the new addition and ask them to keep it low key also.  Calm surroundings will do a lot to help him make the transition.

Don't forget we will need lots of pics!  And he is adorable in the pic.

I am definitely going to go into puppy picture overload while it still lasts. I have talked with the breeder about what I can do to make the puppy's transition as stress-free as possible. I don't want to overwhelm him. My main concern is that because of the length of the drive, we may stop at a relative's for the night before heading back. I worry this will only cause added confusion and anxiety as he will be introduced to a new household the very next day.

I would definitely go all the way home. I still remember when we picked up Bella...we got her at 7pm and drove till 4AM...she slept through heavy rain most of the way. She got out and was fine. We didn't stop due to the heavy rain and the dark. It's definitely harder on us humans...most of the time:)

Linda has several good points.  I would ask if you can bring an old towel (I send fleece blanket squares) along and have them rub it all over the mom, dad, other pups. Put it in a large zip lock and cut it into 18" squares when you get home. save these for his 1st day and at night. If you cut them you have extras to use for the next week. Put an old towel or blanket in his crate as they will get soiled thus saving the good stuff for when he gets a bit bigger.

I always send a Martingale collar(and light leash) with so if you have to take the pup out and/or at home he can't get loose from you and run away. Remember he's not fully immune to things until he'd gotten many more shots so stay away from high dog areas. You don't need to stop more than once...if he's sleeping I wouldn't even stop.

Have fun!

The breeder is sending us home with a security blanket that has been with the mom, but I didn't even think of the idea of cutting it and storing the extra pieces, I am sure that will definitely come in handy. Thank you so much Jane!

Definitely read the FAQ here; it can be really helpful. It's a super exciting and stressful time.

The first days will be difficult for both of you. Linda's comments are right on the money about keeping everyone calm and relaxed. If you can, try to decrease your workload to help with his transition for the first few days.

For Kaylee's first night, we had a blanket from her breeder with the smells of her first home and siblings. You might also try a hot water bottle (not too hot!) to replicate another puppy, if he seems restless and lonely, but this might not be necessary. 

I am interested in seeing how he will react to his first night away from his siblings. I have done countless readings on what to expect and have hit up the FAQ portion of this site a few times and it has been extremely helpful! Thank you!

The  most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your new little bundle of fur.  And take lots of pics....and share them with us.

I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is so exciting to bring home a new puppy isn't it?  We did this just 8 months ago!  The transition from the breeder to our home actually went better than I expected, we drove 4 hours to the breeder and and 4 hours back the same day.  Selkie ended up having a little bit of diarrhea from the car ride and the stress but it cleared up within 24 hours.  My suggestion to you would be to bring some baby wipes with you just in case.  Our breeder also gave us a toy that she rubbed all over Selkies siblings to get their smell as well, this is similar to the baby blanket.  Also ask if your breeder will give you a small portion of the food that your pup has been eating and that can help him transition to your food choice.  The breeder also gave us this website to help with housebreaking http://www.thehousebreakingbible.com/  it worked for us. Selkie had maybe 6 accidents in the house ever and was completely housebroke by 4 months.  Good luck and remember to have patience!

YAY!!! I'm not sure if this was specific to Gilby or not, but he/we didn't find the first day to be stressful at all!  We had a 7 hour drive to go pick him up.  He cuddled and slept the whole way home, and we stopped at a few rest areas along the way.  He had so much fun exploring every new area we stopped at!  

When we got home, we let him explore his new home, and his potty area.  We just gave him his space to get himself antiquated with his new surroundings, and then it was playtime, cuddling, and puppy naps for the rest of the night!  It was a day we will always remember, so full of love and excitement!


Attached a picture of one of his first puppy naps at home, we used to keep that fiji bottle cool in the fridge/freezer for him, and he used to love laying on it or by it to keep cool!

Really?! How sweet. Congratulations!


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