Picking Up Your Little Bundle of Corgi and the First Day

Hello you all! I am new to My Corgi and will officially be a first-time corgi parent on Friday 8/30/2013. I am absolutely ECSTATIC and couldn't be more pleased. I have been waiting years for this day to come and it is nearly here! I am taking the 5 hour drive to pick him up with a fellow corgi lover and the drive could not come sooner. My "nesting" process has been going in full throttle with random trips to the pet store for toys, basics, and, of course, color coordinated everything. I cannot wait to meet my new pup, who I finally decided to name "Gatsby." I have somewhat of an idea of what to expect when picking him up from the breeder, but just the basics and was hoping for more detail on what to expect. I am hoping to make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible for Gats.


I am interested in your new puppy stories. What was your puppy preparing process? How was your experience first meeting your "fur baby" and finally taking him/her home? Do you have any tips for a first-time corgi owner? Also, puppy pictures are always appreciated!


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congrats to you! How exciting. Seems like just yesterday we were bring our Blaze home. He will bring so much love into your life. Corgis are so much fun. =)

ohmygoodness. How cute. so tomorrows the big day! I bet you were just counting down the days. I hope we will see tons of pictures!

P.S- I love the name Gatsby. just adorable

Congrats! Nothing more precious than a corgi puppy! It sounds like you have everything prepared, one word of advice though... be very careful where you bring your puppy until all of their vaccinations are completed (Completed means ALL of the series have been completed around 16-17 weeks of age...). I know it is very tempting to bring them to the pet store, etc out of excitement, but after losing a corgi to parvo years ago, I always carried puppies when going to the vets office (sick dogs frequent the vets and who knows what was on the floor from those pets...) and also at pet stores. I see well meaning people with their puppies at Petsmart all of the time, allowing their puppies to greet other dogs, etc. unknowingly exposing them to potentially unvaccinated dogs and bacteria/germs the puppies immature immune systems may not be able to fight. Parvo can be carried by wild animals, shoes, etc to infect new areas.

Enjoy this time with your baby! If I had room for more than the 3 I already have, I would soooooo get a 4th. They ARE addicting! :)

Oh! a few more tips... keep the same routine day to day, feed at the same times, crate at same times, etc. Bring puppy out to potty immediately after waking up, after eating/drinking, after playing, or every 1-2 hours while they are really young.

Until my babies were about 8-9 weeks old, I was in the habit of bringing mine out when they cried to go potty at 1am and 5am, LOL. They eventually could make it through the night. When they whine, drop everything and bring them outside... they need to go out immediately before they have an accident. It is almost like having a newborn baby and can be exhausting, but the more diligent you are, the faster they will learn. I crate trained all of mine which meant they were housetrained very quickly. Keep in mind... although puppies may be housetrained young, you may still have accidents from time to time until ther bodies are more mature and able to hold it for longer periods (around a year of age).

Socializing your young corgi is extremely important. They can become a bit bossy/aggressive with other dogs if they are not properly socialized when they are young. As soon as it is safe (immunization-wise) introduce them to cats, other dogs, children, etc. on a regular basis. If you have not had a corgi before, I would definitely get involved in an obedience class asap. Corgis are super smart and can easily train you, rather than the other way around. They are smart little rascals... and can be challenging to novice dog owners. Every corgi I have ever had (I have had 7) has gone through what I call 'the rebellious teenager stage' around 5-8 months of age. Remember during this time that the craziness will pass and they will become good, well behaved adults.

Okay, I'll stop writing a novel now. I cant wait to see puppy pictures!! :)

How is corgihood going???


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