i really need ideas on how to play more effectively with my 10 month old , right now we walk every day and she goes to play park 2 or three times a week , and i throw her stuffed animal/ squeaky toy to her and she retrieves them, with a bit of a tug-a-war going on with this game... but i think there may be more things that would tire her out better.. she is a mess sometimes! Im wishing i had another one but i know i couldnt handle the extra responsibility, right with all her demands, but something tells me she needs a play mate?

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no dont have stairs that would be a great idea , oh well..and i have tried the laser she didnt go for it , but ill try again..
Does she have toys to keep her busy like kongs? I know they make puzle toys for dogs too but those can be alittle pricey. On the bright side they do work
yes lots of toys... in fact i had two different toys for her to put treats in but shes lost on of them and its a big red ball type i cant figure out where she may have pushed it?? i hate to buy another one cuz i know its around here some where!! lol
i laugh and say i use to spend all my extra $$ on the grand kids and now its the "GRAND" corgi
Tie a toy to a rope and run around with it. She'll get plenty of exercise chasing it (you will too!).

You can also make a decent homemade rope toy that is a good length for running/chasing. There's a picture of one I made a few months back here.
I find that teaching tricks and good behavior like lay on a mat or sit or lay down with duration or heel also wear them out. It challenges their mind and they are getting one on one time with you which is what they really want.
good idea, Kari, i hadnt thought about it tiring her out..im not a good teacher though and besides sit and stay and down i dont have many training skills lol
I have about 5 interactive toys for Frankin. He has a Kong type toy that you stuff treats in, a everlasting treat ball, the omega treat ball, hide-a-squirrel, and a tug-a-jug. I feed him his meals split between the tug-a-jug and the omega treat ball so he has to work for them. I also put about 2 or 3 Lean Treats (diet treats you can get from you vet CHEAP) in the everlasting treat ball, a few kibble in the kong toy then put the kong toy in the hide-a-squirrel so he is constantly using his brain to try to get to the treats. Work their brain and it tires them out quickly, spend 10 or 20 minutes doing obedience work or teaching her new tricks.
awesome ideas! i havent seen the hide-a-squirrel but i have seen the tug a jug an wondered if i should buy it.
what are the diet treat you get from the vet?


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