My male corgi, Porter, has a severe allergy. I think its to grass. Does anyone have any home remedies? He's been on anti-itch pills since he was a puppy, not to mention anti-biotics too. Once he comes off of them, he starts at the itching again. It gets so bad, he gets hot spots. HELP!

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There is a corgis with allergies group on this site too. My corgi Sparty has severe allergies. We had him tested and we give him an allergy shot once a month. Two times a year he takes prednisone when he seasonal allergies crop up. He has been on this regiment for about 8 years and does very well. They do the testing just like for people by shaving their side and then doing the pin prick test. The initial testing is a little expensive but well worth it in the long run.
Thanks for the advice. I will definitely look into getting him tested. He is on the prednisone too and hydroxazine. Maybe the shot will work for him too.
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