Ok, so Jenga has never drank a lot since I adopted him in Oct. I thought maybe it was just him but I do encourage him to drink whenever I can. He will run around outside for a while and come in all worn out but won't drink any water. There are times he will even eat and not drink water afterwards. He has been peeing just fine until recently. He was housebroken when I got him and has never gone potty in the house until two weeks ago he peed in the living room out of the blue but we brushed it off as there had been a lot of rain for days and I hadn't let him out quite as much during all the rain. Well fast forward to today he peed in the living room again and omg I was shocked as it was bright yellow and had a horrible smell. So now I am wondering if he has a bladder infection or if it could just be where he doesn't drink enough water...


If I take him to the vet does anyone know about how much it will cost for them to check for something like that? I mean I will take him either way it doesn't matter but payday isn't til later this week so I would kinda like a heads up if ya know what I mean...


The only other thing we have noticed is that when he does drink water he tends to strangle on it easily so I am not sure if he is drinking too fast or what is going on but I am getting a little worried now. Other than that he doesn't really act sick. He loves his walks and outside time but he isn't an overly active Corgi as he is just as content laying around the house and sometimes doesn't even care to play when we try but he seems happy...


Any advice?


Edited to add: He doesn't even finish one bowl of water a day which is a medium size bowl I would say...

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Two thoughts I have are: The darker the urine the more concentrated...maybe not enough water...
If he's not drinking much water it could be he's associating the water with pain if he does have an infection.I would definitely have him checked ASAP...I don't know but if you could get a sample of his urine and take that in they could check for an infection without him going in...if there's any way you could catch some in a "clean" dry container they could do a culture! I would call and ask about this. I wouldn't wait! Good Luck!
I would agree that this could turn serious, fast. Though I'm not a vet and you should seek out a vet, I do think:

1. It could be possible that it's the water, could smell or taste offensive to him. Try bottled or flavor it and see if it changes his interest. Try another bowl - who knows, dogs can be weird. My own dog will drink our water or bottled water, but won't go near any other water no matter how thirsty he is. I honestly don't think he recognizes 'city' tap water as anything that's drinkable - we have well water, and I agree with him, city water smells like poison even to MY nose.

2. Something you said raised a red flag to me - sometimes he's not interested in playing when you try? That's pretty atypical of Corgi's. They can be so 'tough' that it can be hard to TELL when they're sick, and this might be a subtle clue.

3. Check for dehydration - pinch the skin, should go right back to it's normal position and not stay 'pinched'. If he is dehydrated, he would need immediate care from a vet.

4. Lastly - I swear, if I didn't FORCE my dog to go out & pee, he'd hold it for days, he must have a bladder made of iron. If he were to stop drinking, and if I didn't MAKE him go, he would surely end up with the same concentrated urine & fast. Does your dog go out several times a day to pee?


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