First I should say that Dax did not come from an actual breeder, so he did not have any clearances as far as eyes, CERF, or whatever they're called. He just came to me, just a puppy, nothing more.

I've noticed that he ALWAYS has something in his eyes, whether it's just eye gunk, a strand of his fur, whatever. It bugs me, so I usually try to rinse his eyes out, and it works, but I noticed something today that bothers me a little. When I look at his eye just the right way, I can see a reflection of something that kind of makes a v shape on his eye. I'm pretty sure it's not just a normal part of his eye reflecting, and I keep looking and looking and there's nothing actually on his eye, so I don't know what to think about it. As far as I can tell, it's just in his left eye. Any ideas?

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get a flash light and take a pic.
I'll try, but it'll be difficult to get him at just the right angle and not move. He's not really a fan of people messing with his face. :) but I'll see what I can do.
Sparty had something similar as a pup and the vet referred us to a doggy opthomalagist(spelling?). It turned out to be nothing but I did have it checked out.
Did it actually go away? Or did they just tell you not to worry about it?
Amanda, The Ophthalmologist said it appeared to be a spot formed prior to birth and did not impair his vision and was not changing so just ignore it. I guess there are ways to tell if it was a problem. Sparty is ten now and can see very well. Any dropping food is definitely his! So have it checked out but don't worry. Bev
Amanda, your vet should check out Dax's eyes when he goes for a normal check up. Maybe bring it to his attention next time you take him and ask about it. Hopefully it isn't anything to worry about. Keep us posted.


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