Marcus is three days post-neuter, and since his fur is beginning to grow in, he's been licking his incision like no one's business. We had the vet take a look, and we were given an E Collar, but we've had zero luck with it. Marcus flips out the second it is on his head, and tries to shake it off, and ends up bashing into everything. We tried it twice to see if the second time was better, but he just really doesn't like it.


He's too big for a onesie, and every thing that we've fastened around his butt like a diaper has either fallen off after a while, or Marcus won't walk around in it because of how it feels on him. I've tried about a half dozen improvised ways of keeping him off of it to no avail.

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i would try defiantly try this


i have seen a lot of people use this for their corgis. teddy didnt mind the cone but when people come into petco they always buy this and swear by it. its looks a lot more comfortable too

Rocky hated the cone also. It tripped him and he ran into stuff. He couldn't see, eat, drink, or walk well with it. We then used the procollar on Rocky and he was fine with it. He used it like a pillow at night. It had a tendency to deflate so check it daily for firmness. Be sure and thread it through his collar or another collar as suggested in the directions since they can get if off without it being on the collar. He couldn't reach the neuter site so all was good.
They sell soft cones or the blow up kind at petco. I seem to remember our soft cone being kind of expensive but it's a nice thing to have around. You never know when you might need it and everything is closed.
Hi Erin, get the soft cone and KEEP IT ON! Don't let the incision get infected, I had a rescue licked the area raw, fever, antibiotic...etc. The cone is there for their own good, it is only temporary. Be strong :)

We finally decided to get him a doggy diaper. It only needs to be on at night when we can't watch him, and the incision is healed well enough that it doesn't need constant breathing. Hopefully we can get through the next 2-3 days until it stops being so darned itchy.


I hope you can get through the next few days.  We just got Leena spayed and tried onesies the first couple days, but she was able to get out by morning.  Luckily, she hasn't been licking.


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