Okay, soooo, Long story short, my corgi (Phoebe) is 11 weeks and won't be done with her shots for 8 weeks and so we can't take her outside for 8 more weeks to potty train outside. We live in an apartment and only have a patio. No yard. When she's done with shots, I plan on taking her for many walks and to the park. However, she's not using the potty pads...she like that to use the carpet. We have been showing her, her mistake and telling her no in a low voice, then showing her the potty pad and telling her good in a higher pitched friendly voice...it doesn't seem to be sinking in. She's very intelligent though and she already knows sit and down commands. I need help! What do I do?

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You can take her outside. Just stay away from areas frequented by other dogs. In fact it's important at this age for her to have multiple experiences with people and if you know any friendly dogs that have all their shots. I would skip telling her no for accidents but I'm not above grumbling to myself while doing cleanup. Puppies need to be praised when they go someplace you want so they understand that you have a preference. I think punishment just confuses them because the scolding might make them think going potty is wrong. Try short outings very frequently and praise mighty when she goes. I use a go potty command the second they go and eventually they understand to go when you say it. When you can't watch her keep her I  an xpen or area safe for her.  I like to put newspapers down for easy cleanup. 

Hi Bev!

We actually had a breakthrough with the method that we were using! She went on the puppy pad this morning and we praised her a lot...I appreciate your input though. My vet said we could take her outside to one spot, but we don't even have a yard...she got a late start on her shots, and we live in a community with a lot of dogs, so I really can't take her out. We carry her outside for fresh air, and have her meet lots of people. But my vet said that even vaccinated dogs can carry diseases without actually being infected...and we have a play pen for her with puppy pads, and a kennel separate for sleeping. 

Thanks for responding!

Logan Lenehan

Good luck, glad it's going better.

I would work something out on the patio. There are various things made for going potty outside and used by people in apartments, generally for small breeds, things like astro-turf. I understand your situation regarding shots, but you are buying yourself a long term problem if you keep her in another 8 weeks.  Solve the potty problem first, then work on socialization.  Shots are more protective when the dog is older, so starting late will not handicap her if she has been well so far.  I would avoid other dogs until she has had two sets of shots. 

Anna, Thanks for the reply! I have tried the patio, but she just wants to eat leaves and mulch the entire time :C She is being socialized with people though, and she's doing great with that. We do take her outside, we just don't let her go on the ground...does that make sense? Thanks again! Logan Lenehan

If you had a back yard, your pup would be trying to eat whatever was  there too, sticks, leaves, plants, even dirt or stones.... it's normal puppy behavior and they have to learn that's not an option.  She needs to learn where it's appropriate to do her business (outdoors on dirt, grass, gravel, mulch, whatever).  Dogs acquire a preference for surface on which to eliminate early on and that preference is hard to change later. 


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