Had to take Tipper to the vet today as she suddenly started walking funny on her back legs and yelped in pain when I touched her back. The vet examined her and told me that she might have the start of a disc problem in her back--she didn't do x-rays but ran a blood test and gave Tipper a cortisone shot and told me to keep her confined to an area to rest for about five weeks. I have a prescription for pain meds and Dexamthansone.

Tipper is able to walk very gingerly so I am hoping for the best. She is ten years old and in fairly good shape. She weighs 24 pounds and the vet said losing a pound or two would help to relieve some stress on her back.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Tipper recovers fully. Hoping that this is in the early stages and can be managed. She is a mixed breed Corgi with legs a little longer than the usual Corgi but I guess she is still prone to the same back problems.

Thinking about losing Tipper or seeing her in pain is a lot for me to bear right now. I am hoping for the best. She is such a great girl, I would love to keep her around to a ripe old age!  

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Yes, Elizabeth, I know how tough it is to keep a dog still. Tipper has mostly been good, but every now and then she reverts to "Puppy Tipper" in her mind and she wants to run or jump on the bed. One of my friends said, "how on earth do you keep a dog still for eight weeks? Do you drug her?" lol. She was supposed to lose two pounds but since she is bored and can't go for walks she looks to snack more and I have to fend her off. 

I wasn't sure if we could mention brands on this forum so I left out the name, but since you asked, it is made by Health Extention. It is called Vet's Choice Joint Mobility Supplement and it actually comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if you don't see results. 

I feel good about giving it to her because they claim it is human-grade FDA inspected and made in the US. 

I bought it from Chewy--they seem to have the best price. I think Amazon had it too, but it was about $10 higher. I do want to warn you though--they only fill the package half way. I saw a few reviews on Amazon that mentioned this as well.  It is strange to see that but it seems to be the norm and it was sealed when I got it. 

Tipper gets one scoop a day--it is a powder that you add to a meal using body weight as a guide. I figure that the container will last about a month at the rate I'm using it. 

Good luck. From all of the reading that I've done, the most important step in conservative treatment for Tipper's condition is resting while the injury heals. Dogs can be set back if they make sharp movements or move too much as scar tissue has to heal and any time they move around too much it prevents healing from taking place and could do more damage. Someone described resting the injury as having the same effect as placing a cast on it. 

Best of luck. 

Rachelle....I am happy to hear that Tipper is improving.  As a human who has had back surgery and a fusion in her lower spine I can attest that nerves take a long time to heal and then not always completely.  It is the human who mourns those long walks and frisky play times, a dog lives in the moment and as long as she enjoys even short walks and a quiet time without pain then she is a happy dog.  Make sure she gets enough water, that will also help make it easier for her to move her bowels.  Too much fiber without enough liquid can cause a problem.

Enjoy your girl!

Thanks for the great tips. I am happy to report that Tipper is moving into Week 11 of her recovery with great results. I noticed that she is curling up to sleep again--she has not done that since the injury. The other day, she rolled over on her back to roll against the grass--another move I have not witnessed in 11 long weeks!

We are not back to taking walks outside the gate yet as I don't want to overdo the exercise. We are past the "just walk to the potty and back inside" stage though, so I do allow her to roam a little in the yard each day. If her progress continues, I might start taking her for short walks in about two or three weeks.

I am just thrilled to see her up on her feet, walking more firmly, and feeling more like herself again. When I consider how much worse it could have turned out, I am grateful.

I might be wrong, but I firmly believe that because Tipper was in fairly good shape (the vet said she only had to lose two pounds) and was pretty active before she got injured, that she had a better chance of rebounding from her injury. Also, getting her to the vet quickly, from I've read, makes a major difference in outcome.

While I realize that Tipper is not out of the woods yet and can experience more problems in the future, I feel that I am better prepared to deal with any issues she might have.

Glad to hear this positive outcome (so far) for Tipper. It can take a long time to recover from a back condition (dog or human), but with any luck it will improve.

Very glad to hear this positive news.

I think we get so scared about back problems we tend to assume the worst...especially since it can take a LONG time for Man Nor Beast to recover. Anyone who's had back pain can testify to that. One of my friends in grad school had a beloved cockapoo that developed a severe problem fairly high up in the back, near the neck. A vet proposed to put the dog down, but she refused. Time passed...and passed...and passed. Eventually, the dog recovered 100 percent. Vet said that sometimes a vertebra (terminology??? disk, maybe?) it's been a long time) may disintegrate or deteriorate until it comes out on the other side of painful. If the dog survives, it may be OK.

Tipper went for a short walk outside today. Heading toward month 4, I am seeing a huge improvement. Her personality is back to normal. I still carry her up long flights of steps but two or three steps are not a problem for her.

I am thrilled and enjoying each day of her recovery.
Thanks to all who had responded with kind words and advice.

This is great, great news!!!!

This makes my heart happy!  It may be slow but you are doing a wonderful job with her.  She may not be the fastest corgi in the frapping department but if she is back to her normal self that's what matters.  Sounds like Tipper and you are enjoying life more together.

Hi Everyone,

Well, Tipper is doing fantastic now. She is going for two block walks each day and is full of pep in the morning again. I am so thankful for her recovery, for her vet, and for all of your support. 

Just wanted you all to know that back problems are not always a death sentence and it is possible to heal fully.

I'm back to report that the problem that ruined the start of the new year for Tipper is mostly gone. Tipper is doing well and walking on all four of her legs and she even chased a cat up a tree the other day, although I don't condone that behavior! 

I just recently bought her an orthopedic bed that she absolutely loves and I highly recommend it for senior dogs. I can tell that she is so comfortable in it because she uses it more than she used her old bed. Although, her walk is slightly stiffer at time, and we take shorter walks, it is comforting to know that recovery is possible. I hope that all of your Corgis are well and enjoying life. 


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