Hey guys,

My husband and I are getting our Pem Corgi puppy on April 6 and are wanting to prepare as much as possible. Our breeder is giving us an info packet on certain training and food choices along with a few other things, but I want to be as prepared as possible. What are some big suggestions you guys have? And what are things that happened you may have not been prepared for?

We also have a natural dog/animal grocer by us that sells raw and dry food from companies that try to have the most natural diet and don't advertize their merchandize at all. They really suggest doing an all raw diet for any dog but was curious how you all feed your Corgis. I know Corgis need to be watched weight-wise and I've always had this weird feeling about packaged dog food. I want our pup to be healthy and just like I don't want to eat a lot of crap food, I want to make sure he is fed as well as possible.

We're so excited for our little friend we want to prepare as much as we can for his arrival!

Thanks in advance as well!

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Ditto check www.dogfoodadvisor.com for the highly rated foods. If your local stores don't carry the top brands it is easy to order online fro chewey.com, for example. Also great idea below to have dog walkers and neighbors/friends lined up to help! Enjoy your new family member!!


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