Just curious, how many of you have corgis that have a recognizable prey drive?  Waffle is ALL about chasing-- he plays with small animals with ease, never biting or showing any desire to maim or kill.  He just wants to see it and mouth it.  He'll dig and pounce, but only to reveal the critter that's hiding.  My roommate's dog was ALL about killing, though, despite being a blue heeler/australian shepherd cross. We couldn't have the ferret out around her because we would not have a ferret anymore.

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thank God we dont have rats ..im afraid Carly would get bit or a decease of some sort yuk! i know she has seen a mouse and scurries in the garage trying to catch it..

Edison does not have much in the way of a prey drive.  He goes after squirrels, but I suspect it's more a matter of territory than hunting.  ("Get off my lawn, you stupid rodents!  How dare you have the ability to climb trees!")  Cats are given the freedom to determine whether or not they are prey; if they run, he will chase, but if they stare him down, he will quietly slink behind us, growling under his breath.  And the only time he tried to get a bird, was a slow and extremely nonchalant attempt to chomp a fat university pigeon (much like a child trying to sneak a bite out of a forbidden piece of cake), which was fortunately intercepted. 


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