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I am getting my cardigan puppy in a month and a half but don't know what size crate to get. I was looking at the suggestion on boxes at the pet store, the one for "welsh corgis" (24" L X 18" W X 19" H) looked extremely small and I think it was talking about a Pembroke. I was thinking a better size would be a 30" L X 19" W X 21" H but that even looks pretty small in my opinion.

I am also thinking of buying it at petco because their brand comes with a single door and a training divider so I can make it smaller while she is young. Is there any benefits to having 2-3 doors on a crate? I would think it would just be more of a pain to put together and confuse the puppy on what door you want it to go in and out of.

My last thought, when I bring her home what items should be allowed in the crate? I was thinking a water bowl, a blanket and a Kong toy, but I have read many things on all of them that they are good, bad and so on. I work a graveyard shift so I will be home the whole day to mostly keep a eye on her and the only time he will be totally alone is at night when she "should" be sleeping.

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Hi Chezza, a full size cardigan will require a Large 36 X 24 X27. Go ahead and get the life stages one with a divider, or you can make a divider yourself, there are lifestages crates that folds, make it so much easier to setup. The benefit of a multi door one is location flexibility, you can position the crate more ways to suit your furniture needs.


From my experience, you don't want to put any good blankets or good quality pads until the age of 2, the puppy stage will tear those things up, your young pup will guarantee to have accidents, so put something changeable and washable, like your old worn T shirts with your scent. Dogs don't have sweat glands like humans do, theirs are located at the bottom of their feet, so they'll get hot rather quickly, don't over stuff the crate. I'll say don't leave a water bowl in the crate, if you are  going to be out for a long time, put a giant water feeder, like the ones that are made for hamsters. A kong toy is a great idea.

Alright, I will go with the larger one, and I am second guessing the blanket idea, I don't want to be cleaning up soiled blankets all the time. So I will hold that off till she gets passed her house training stage.
We used towels.  Still do, in fact.   They are easy to wash.  Just make sure pup doesn't eat them.

I would suggest a 36"L for a cardigan, that's what I have for Luke. I do have a 30" crate in the car that he sometimes goes in, but I wouldn't want to keep him in there very long as he can't really stretch out in it. The only thing I use the extra door on the wire crate for is when I have it in my SUV. I can fold one of the seats down and put the crate on top of that, and use the side door to get him in and out of the passenger door.


I always let my puppies have a bed, a yummy kong with some peanut butter and a biscuit in it, and a large chewy I felt was safe (such as an antler, something they can't bite pieces off of). Water bowls tend to get spilled in my experience, and with a very young puppy you don't really want them drinking a ton of water if you're going to be gone for several hours. They do make bottles like you'd use for a gerbil cage that can't spill I think. Some puppies pee on blankets or beds when they're little, so it really kind of depends on the individual dog too.


I haven't looked at crate pricing in a while, but I do recall Petco being a huge rip off on some items. I'd look up what you're interested in online before you buy it there, because I bet you can find it quite a bit cheaper elsewhere. Even Walmart has pretty decent crates. You can buy the wire crate dividers by themselves as well.

It's probably cheaper on Amazon than at Petsmart: http://www.amazon.com/Midwest-Life-Stages-Single-Door-Folding/dp/B0...

36" definitely.  It's what we have for our Pems and what our breeder recommended;  she said a big male will need a 36" and since there is no telling as a pup how big they will be, best to go with the proper size.


I highly recommend 2 doors, minimum (front and side).  If you ever need to put the crate in the back of a wagon or SUV, the side door is VERY useful (since the small SUV's will allow you to put the crate in sideways without folding down the backseats.   And of course you want a front opening for in the house.  As far as confusing the pup, if you never open it he'll never even know it's a door, if you know what I mean.  Only use if needed.  It's also helpful to get out a sick or scared dog who curls in the back and refuses to move.  Hopefully that will never happen, but you never know.

The divider is also very useful.  Get the right crate and you will need one for the life of the dog.  Get a cheaper one and you will end up needing more.


I think my cat's crate is 24"!!!   The size recommendations on the packing material are sometimes really, really off.


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