Chewbacca has been, since he was a pup, puking in the middle of the night.  It's usually a clear slimy liquid with some foam.  Most of the time he hurries up and eats it before I can jump out of bed to get him out of his crate to clean it up.

     It doesn't seem to bother him at all.  He falls back to sleep quite easily afterwards.  He's his usual energetic and playful self everyday and night.  Nothing else seems to be alarming other than the puking.

     He eats twice a day from a Kong Wobbler so he eats slowly (he gets gassy when fed from a bowl due to eating so quickly).  He has water in his cage at night and a small treat before bed.  Usually a dental stick or a small biscuit.

     I'd hate to spend hundreds$$$ at the vet for tests just to be told he's perfectly fine.  On the other hand, I'd hate for something to be wrong and to ignore it.

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Just a stab in the dark here: When Lilli drinks from the raised water bowl, she often chokes and coughs. Coughing can lead to vomiting a clear liquid. Is his cage bowl elevated? Even if it isn't, have you tried removing the water at night?

Emma used to do that, only in the late afternoon.  Same clear slimy liquid and foam.  Vet said she was fine, until she had her annual checkup and her blood came back with a weird substance in it.  The vet said the substance only shows up in the presence of parasites (which she didn't have) or an allergy.  So we switched her food from Science Diet (with grain) to Natural Balance (no grain).  Since switching her food, she stopped throwing up.  So it might be an allergy.

Thanks for the quick replies! His water is elevated in his crate. I think I'm going to try taking it out. He's on grain free already. I tried it out to see if it would help with his watery eyes., which it didn't. So strange to me that he's been doing it since about 6 months old. It scared me a lot at first. Now, I'm thinking it's either allergies or a sensitive stomach.
You may not be feeding him enough... It's bad for the acid to sit in his stomach. And you may just feel the need to shrug it off but the acid can burn holes in the esophagus. I would try feeding him a little more. And I would consider taking him to the vet to prevent a bigger problem in the end.

I'd split his dinner into two meals, one when he usually gets it and one right before bedtime. That might help with the puking. You might also consider trying to give a pepcid befor bed, not sure what his dose would be so you might have to look it up.

Just at the vet yesterday. I asked about puking. Mine has been on an early morning (5:30) puking schedule. He said it's acid build up overnight. told me to give half of a Pepcid AC before bed. No puking this morning.

Thanks so much! He wound up doing it again last night.  Think I'm going to try some food and pepcid before bed until his next check up.

I'd give him a handful of kibble before bed.

Going to try that! Thank you.


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