Hi everyone. I just got my first corgi pup yesterday! So excited and he is adorable! This is my first time training a dog so I could definitely use some advice. 

First of all, he hates his crate. I know I just got him yesterday, but boy did he cry. I put him in a few times throughout the day, but when it was time for bed he had to of cried for at least 30 minutes. Jumping into the side of the crate and just throwing a fit. He finally quieted down and slept through the night in it, but he hates being in there. He is very restless and moves around a lot. He prefers to sleep under the coffee table. Should I be putting him in the crate any time I see him napping or just let him sleep in his favorite spot?

Secondly, he doesn't seem interested in treats after I take him out to go potty. I can hardly tell when he actually pees cause he is so low to the ground and he doesn't lift his leg, but I think I am starting to be able to tell when he goes. I bring him down and say "Potty" several times in a happy tone and eventually he stops in one spot for a few seconds being very still and goes. To be sure I lift him up and see if his little pee pee hair is wet. lol The problem is he isn't interested in treats after he pees. I am trying to give him positive reinforcement but he seems to be more interested on whats going on outside then the treat. He eats them in the house but just doesn't seem to care outside. 

The last thing I am concerned about it the fact that he doesn't seem to be eating. I picked him up around 3 pm yesterday and I'm assuming he ate at the breeders, but all night he wouldn't touch his food. He ate a few little pieces of treats I broke down but that was it. I figured he would be really hungry today, but he only had a few bites and that was after I took the food out of his bowl and put it on the floor next to him. I am feeding him what the breeder was giving him with a little of my new food mixed in. Is it normal that he isn't hungry? I would say it might be the bowl but it has no problem drinking water from his other bowl (It is exactly the same). 


Just wanted to let everyone know Pancake is doing great! He is almost 3.5 months old and 15 pounds. He is very playful and loves people. He almost always eats all 3 of his meals (1/3 cup, 3 times a day) and drinks plenty of water. He is about to start a puppy class on Sunday, but I have a feeling he is going to be a great pupil because he is so smart! He knows a lot of stuff already, but I thought the class would be great for the both of us. One characteristic of Pancake that is so funny is that he is a big chicken! He is afraid of just about anything. When he is scared he runs to me and climbs up in my lap cause he knows I will keep him safe. I went on vacation for about 4 days while my aunt watched him. He was so well-behaved, but you could tell me missed me. When I came to pick him up, he was outside with my aunt and as soon as he saw me he made a mad dash to me and gave me lots of kisses. Wouldn't leave my side for the next few days. lol His ears don't really want to stay up. I am on my second round of taping. After the first round both ears stayed up for about 2 days before dropping. He has one ear that is stronger then the other but when I went on vacation they both dropped almost the whole week. Of course when I picked him up he had his happy ear back .lol I can tell he really loves me which is great because I love him too. :D I am glad we have bonded so well.

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What do you suggest for training him on commands. I am completely new to this as my family never had much success in that region.

Right now I am focusing on teaching him "potty" to pee and poop and "pin" for his crate. He seems to be understanding these two pretty well so far.

I have also been working on "sit", "toy", "inside", "treat", "leave it", and "come". He is having much more trouble with these. After he goes potty I usually bring him in and play with him trying to teach him these commands for 5 to 10 minutes before he loses focus.

Sit is easy, but he naturally seems to sit anytime he comes up to me so it is a little hard to command him to do this when he is always doing it. I tell him toy when he is playing with his pull rope or stuffed animal. Treat when I show him the treat and let him smell it. Leave it is when he is pulling on the rope and I get him to drop it. And finally come is obviously trying to get him to come. Come is actually pretty hard because he is always more interested in whats going on around him when he leaves my side then coming when I call him.

How do you think I should go about teaching him his name besides just adding it to the end of every command?


Just so you know, Ein could care less for treats as well and I never gave him treats after he went potty. When he would go outside, I would praise him alot.

During the day I would let him sleep where ever, but when it was bed time I would make him sleep him in his crate. I would ignore him if he would bark, because if I would tell him to be quite, that would reinforce the behavior that it was ok to bark and whine in his crate. I realized this while watching dog whisperer. I was enforcing negative behavior, and when I switched tactics, his barking and whining cleared up within a day or two.

As for food, I would take the hard food and water it down. As for his ears, I would not tape them. I  understand the meaning behind it, but I think it is unnecessary if there ears will stand up on there own. 

I am very happy for you! You have a cute one there!! 

You will get in the swing of things, given time. Just remember that it is a learning experience for you both. Have fun!

Justin congrats on your new Pup Pancake! Gemima had one floppy ear when we brought her home and I never taped it..it just perked up on its own. We crated Ed and Gem at night but had them in their crate and in our room. Neither one liked it much but got used to it. You will both figure it all out and you are in good hands by joining MyCorgi at the get go!!

Thanks everyone. You have all given me a lot of advice. Pancake has done so well today in terms of potty training. I had to travel home which is a 1 hr and 1/2 car ride and he was great the whole time. Since Ive had him home he has yet to have an accident on the floor. I'm sure it won't last, but I am very proud of him. He really seems to understand going pee outside because he immediately pees when I bring him out in the grass, then he wants to play around. I decided to give up on the treats outside because he just doesnt seem to care. I give him heavy praise though and it seems to be working. I may try treats again soon though. He also pooped outside twice today which seems like a normal amount considering he didn't eat much. 

He is eating more food, but he seems to eat more when I take it out of the bowl for him. Not sure if I should be doing this or not, but I just wanted to make sure he was eating more then a few bites of kibble. 

Also I am not going to worry about his ears until he hits 12 weeks. If by then they haven't risen I will look into taping, but until then I think he is fine. Wasn't sure why the breeder had them taped already anyway. A lot of his sibling had their ears up so that might have been why.

Lastly, he is warming up to his crate. He continues to go by it when he is tired or scared, but doesn't want to go in. I have seen him go in by himself a few times, but a treat usually gets him in there. His crying has cut down a lot! I am happy to see so much progress within such a short time. He always looks so uncomfortable in there though. When I look at him sleeping he tends to sleep with his face pushing against the side of the metal wire crate. I don't know how he sleeps like that. He has a dog bed in there with plenty of room to lie down on and he seems to only want part of his body in it. lol


A corgi puppy sleeping in an uncomfortable looking position??? No, not possible! Have you checked out the Awkward Little Sleepers group?

Thanks! He is a little stubborn butt, but he is adorable. :D

Here is a pic of him avoiding his dog bed. Maybe I should just take it out. What do you think?


No, I wouldn't take the bed out. I have an album full of pictures of Chase sleeping in awkward positions. He sleeps half in and half out of his bed, upside down, with his rear end propped up and his head down. It's crazy. I've even caught him sleeping under his bed in the crate. However, Chase loves his bed. Pancake will enjoy his bed, even if it looks awkward.

Here are a few of Chase's weird sleeping positions...


So cute! Didn't realize they liked to sleep so silly.

Sometimes the reason the ears drop is because they aren't getting as much calcium after weaning. I recommend adding a spoonful of yogurt to his food at each feeding. This will do two things--add calcium AND help balance his digestive tract. Puppies are horrible about eating everything as they grow, because they discover with their mouths. The yogurt can be a life-saver and prevent a lot of cleanup for you from stomach upset. (I worked for a vet for 13 years, and that's where I got these ideas.) Also, have you had him to see your vet yet? All pups should be checked within 24 - 48 hours after you bring them home.

LOVE the name!

I wasn't sure when to take him to the vet because the breeder had him checked out on Sunday and he had a few shots. If I really need to I can take him to one here (in Jacksonville) until I get back to Gainesville to our permanent vet. 


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