So I have woken up this morning to my little puppy is not feeling good- he wont eat treats or eat & is panting- he is not moving around- just still standing in the same spot- yesterday he was off his food???  How long should I wait before calling the vet???

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So very sorry for your loss. Unfortunately puppies can go very quickly and leave a gigantic hole in your heart. Our thoughts and hugs go out to you...

When I left the 2nd emegency vet I was not in a state to aske question- I emailed him & he replied within the hour which was great...


The emergency vet said:  The cardioligist looked at the x-rays- she agreed that it was not heart disease...


It seems it was a severe case of pneumonia-1 posibly from aspration (getting vomit into him lungs Sunday night after a worming pill)

2. Some king of infectious disease- bacteria or virus (from another dog)


He thinks he died because of pnemonia which was so sever he may have had bacteria enter his bloodstream called sepsis or him lungs developed another disease called ARDS...


In some small way hearing back makes me feel better- Our other dog Daisy is due to go to the vet this Saturady so we will do a complete check up on her...


Thanks again everyone it made the world of difference to hear back from you all!!!



So sorry, a warm hug to you.
Do not wait, go to the vet. We had some incidents with Shelby. Puppies will eat anything.
i'm so sorry to hear about your poor puppy!

I am so sorry. He wasn't old enough to have problems.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.



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