I just had a litter of pups,they are pretty dark in color. I'm worried some other dog got in the yard with my baby girl. She tri colored and Daddy is sable & white. This is my first litter so not really sure what the pups look like at about 4 days old ?

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Ohh, okay, lol. I'm still sticking with Corgis then. ;)
I don't know much about it.....but I think they are adorable!
Me too,sure is going to be hard to let them go :(
Yeah they are usually pretty dark and lighten up after a few weeks. My pup was REALLY dark and she is a light red now. She doesnt even look like the same pup in the early pics from the breeder.
aahh cuties. Their coloring really takes after momma.
They are cute puppies but momma really needs her nails cut!


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