Hi everyone!

I'm brand new to this site, and puppy owning in general. I got my Cardigan Corgi two days ago, her name is Malygos and she'll be 10 weeks tomorrow, and I realize I'm probably just being a hysterical mother since I'm new to everything however:

I can't seem to get her to eat her kibble. I can't say she's had more than 1/4C in the past two days. She'll tear through treats like no other though. I'm only trying to feed organic and natural so the treats she's eating aren't terrible. (dehydrated yams, carrot sticks, fish sticks) but she won't eat her actual food. I've tried soaking it in chicken broth, adding yogurt and pumpkin, and she'll eat two or three bites then lay down and go to sleep or get distracted and do something else. What should I be doing? I don't want to put her on wet food, but at this point I feel like she should just eat?

And I'm also unsure as to how much she should be sleeping vs. exercising? What counts as exercise for her? I know she shouldn't be running too much, but...how..do I know what is too much? I'm sorry I'm so nervous about the whole thing!

And finally when it comes to the leash! When will she be able to go on real walks? She doesn't exactly walk if that makes sense. She always wears a collar, and she'll wear the leash, but trying to get her to go where I ask her to doesn't exactly happen. I guess it's only really been two days but I'm a worry-wort and I don't want her to develop bad habits! 

I'd be very grateful for any words of wisdom about corgi puppies, especially 10 week olds. 

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Melissa, I'm all for training and socialization for young puppies and I love Pets-Mart because they do a lot of Pet Charity and help a lot of Rescue Groups by allowing them to have adoption events there on a regular basis.  Exactly because of this, I would not take a young puppy there until it had it's last set of shots.  Rescue dogs are under a lot of stress and more susceptible to carrying illnesses.  I would take my own pup to environments which are a bit more sheltered from this kind of exposure. An 8 wk old pup may have little or no immunity, even if it's had a set of shots....

From your dog's name I'm going to take a wild guess that you play WoW ^_^

Yaaaaay for WoW corgis!!!  And WoW in general. XD

Mine sounds like a Trogg sometimes when he's playing tug with my mom's dog.  One of these days I need to record it.

Yes! I'm a WoW player! Addicted since launch! She's a blue merle so I thought Malygos, blue dragon lord would be perfect! (Plus it was my first server :D)

Just to update everyone, she's doing great now! She's eating more; I found out she can with an intestinal bug so she's on meds for that right now. I'm assuming that's why she hasn't been eating as much.

One trick I used to get a puppy to walk on leash is to tie the leash to another dog that gets along with your puppy.They seem more willing to follow another dog than a person.Do this in the yard.Then when that starts going well lengthen the leash and start to walk with both dogs occasionally picking up the leash .After a few days untie the leash and walk around the yard holding the leash.Also you can get them to follow you by showing them a little treat.It does take time & patience but eventually you will get there.Remember that this is all unatural to a dog to be restrained.We have to teach them that it is ok.


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